By: Steve Dellar | 12-19-2018 | News
Photo credit: Facebook Louise Vesterager

Scandinavian Tourist Girlfriends Horribly Murdered In Morocco

Louisa Vesterager, 24 years old, from Denmark and Maren Ueland, 28 years old, from Norway, were two hiking friends who had set out to spend a few weeks in Morocco discovering the trail of the Atlas mountains. Yesterday, they were found with their throats cut inside their tent in a possible stunning blow for the country’s already struggling tourism sector. Rumours in the Scandinavian press say the girls were raped and beheaded.

The Moroccan police arrested a suspect of the murder and local media reported that the judiciary is still looking for two other suspects.

The two tourists were found dead Monday in the vicinity of Imlil in the Atlas Mountains, about 55 kilometers south of the city of Marrakesh.

According to the media, French alpinists found the two victims in their tent in a remote area in the mountains. The Atlas Mountains are very high in the region and from Imlil many tourists make mountain trips, for example to the mountain Toubkal, which is more than 4.160 meters high.

A suspect has been arrested in the city of Marrakesh on suspicion of murder, according to Moroccan authorities.

A man was being held in custody "to determine the motive of the crime while investigations continue to arrest other individuals who have been identified and suspected of taking part in criminal acts", the central bureau of judicial investigation said in a statement.

Maren Ueland's mother Irene told public broadcaster NRK that the pair had been studying together at the University of South-Eastern Norway and had gone backpacking for their Christmas holiday on 9 December.


Moroccan tourism was the only remaining destination in Northern Africa that had pretty much been able to sustain its tourism numbers after the terrorist attacks in other countries wiped out billions from their GDP when European tourists decided to stay away. Egypt, Turkey and Tunisia all had thriving tourism sectors only a decade ago, but the results of the Arab spring changed all that.

The terrorist groups that were formed when the tough dictatorial rule was released meant that planes were bombed (Egypt), tourists attacked on beaches and in museums (Tunisia) or airports blown up and thousands of opposition figures arrested (Turkey). Although Morocco did see a bomb set off in the Marrakesh main square, the infrastructure already in place and certainly the many French living there meant it could continue to do tourism business with the Europeans in the past few years.

All the other countries took a serious hit and European tourists chose to stay in the Mediterranean European destinations instead (Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Croatia and Greece).


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9 Comment/s
Anonymous No. 92935 2018-12-19 : 12:21

It's a god dam shame. .

Anonymous No. 92936 2018-12-19 : 12:22


Lisel Sipes No. 92937 2018-12-19 : 12:23

Why would anyone in their right mind go to Morocco to camp in the mountains? These people are all brutal savages and being muslim, they hate anyone who isn't and feel obligated to kill them.

Anonymous No. 92939 2018-12-19 : 14:47

"both been studying ‘outdoor activities and cultural guidance’ ". What does that even mean. If their parents would have done their duty and redpilled them they would still be alive.

john No. 92951 2018-12-19 : 16:39

If muslims are going to be allowed to continue to exist they will destroy the civilized world. These parasites are pure evil and need to be sent to an island with razor wire and machine gun towers everywhere. The world is only safe when muslims are confined. The goal of all muslims is to kill all those who are not muslims. Politicians who harbor and protect these monsters are murderers themselves. Muslims are the ultimate racists. Their koran is a recipe book for hate and murder. There is good news however, when God comes back to take judgement upon this world muslims will be sent to hell by God,

WanderingWillowyWonderer No. 92955 2018-12-19 : 18:43

Someone should have warned these girls of the focused anti-white sentiment being spread in all of our countries. This form of racism has been deemed acceptable by our governments and that in itself is a green light.

This is not the same world as it was even just a decade ago. You cannot be a white female travelling without being aware of the possibilities of being gang stalked and raped. I recall the video of an obvious pro-globalist white female in the middle of hundreds of black illegal immigrants, bravely cheering on open borders. This girl found it necessary to raise her shirt and expose her breasts while the camera was on her and the hundreds of men around her. Video captured her being raped as well, with men in a line behind the man raping her. How stupid can you be? I see a young couple touring Mexico in their new orange car, videotaping their reviews of food and culture. I give them 3 months before they are robbed of money and car. They are “asking for it.” Anti-American, anti-white propaganda is on the scale of pre Jewish imprisonment. Those behind this are dead serious in their motive - to rid this planet of white people right after they steal our wealth, our countries and turn our children into their slaves. Snap out of it.

Cliff Taylor No. 92980 2018-12-20 : 05:43

Liberatards in Scandinavia are under the kosher haze; no doubt they always find some excuse to justify their own genocide. Wake up Scandinavia.

Ted No. 93180 2018-12-24 : 00:46

I used to be a foreign teacher: lived in some sketchy places and traveled to worse. The world is a dangerous place especially if you are a young woman. Guarantee some diversity idealism overrode her common sense, if she had any. So tragic and so preventable.

Alieza No. 93542 2019-01-02 : 05:45

Women from civilized countries, like Scandinavian countries, you should be aware that the rest of the world is not like the country you come from. I'm a young woman from Brazil and I know better! I would never EVER travel to third world countries on my own or with other young women like me. You have to travel in large groups with men too. Here In Brazil criminals were raping foreign women in touristic busses! Only for the kicks! You should be careful, the third world is a dangerous place!

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