By: Steve Dellar | 12-19-2018 | News
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Holland – Girl (16) Shot In School By Violent Turkish Ex (31)

Dutch schoolchildren in Rotterdam were shocked when one of their classmates was shot in the bicycle shed by a 31-year-old man yesterday. According to witnesses, the man fired at least 8 shots. First police reports show that the two, who are both of Turkish origin, were once in a relationship but that she had ended it and he felt she betrayed his ‘honor’ in doing so.

The man, identified in the Dutch press as Bekir E. has a long criminal record. He was convicted last year and is currently on probation. A spokesperson for the Public Prosecutor could not say for what crime exactly the man was convicted, RTL Nieuws reports. The young victim's name was Humeyra Öz.

The shooting took place in the bicycle shed of the school. Ambulance staff tried to resuscitate the girl, but all help came too late. She died on the spot from the injuries of the bullets. The girl's family was immediately informed and is currently being accompanied by victim support.

16-year-old victim

According to eyewitnesses, the suspect was her ex-boyfriend. The shooting took place near the bicycle shed, according to witnesses reporting to Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf. The police confirm that the suspect and the victim knew each other.

Nothing is known yet about his motive but social media claims that the girl had filed a restraining order against him after she broke off the relationship.

The students were in the auditorium of the school when they were informed of the shooting incident. As soon as it could, they were escorted out. Now the students of the school are in shock. The festivities planned for the remainder of the year have been cancelled.

Emotional students

Some students came to school with their parents on Wednesday. Many of them carried flowers and had tears in their eyes. The press was asked to keep a safe distance and to respect the privacy of pupils and teachers. Teachers welcomed students who arrived to mourn.

The back of the school - where the shooting took place - has been closed for the public. Pupils are now allowed to enter through the teacher entrance at the front.


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they're both Turks

what they do to each other is not my business - i'm not their keeper and they're not my children

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