By: Savannah Smith | 12-19-2018 | News
Photo credit: Dubuque County Jail

IA - Cops Called To Contain “Drunk on the Job” Middle School Gym Teacher

A female teacher in Iowa got so drunk but still decided to appear in class prompting school officials to call in the cops to contain her.

The teacher has been identified as 38-year-old Erin Ellerbach, a gym teacher at Jefferson Middle School in Dubuque. She has been charged with public intoxication yesterday.

There was no hiding the teacher’s state when she reported for work at the school. A school officer said Ellerbach was reeking of alcohol, had red watery eyes, and slurred her speech.

The officer questioned the gym teacher. Ellerbach was also asked to take a breath test. She blew a blood alcohol content of 224, which happens to be three times the legal number needed to be able to drive.

School officials also decided to search Ellerbach’s office where they found an open 16 oz can of Mike’s Harder Strawberry Lemonade. They also found two more unopened cans.

A district spokesperson was also quick to point out that Ellerbach is no longer an employee of the company.

The news received many various reactions to the post, some giving hilarious comments, others showing sympathy to the teacher saying middle school children are hard to manage, while others draw comparisons to their own experience with drunk teachers in the past.



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Anonymous No. 92958 2018-12-19 : 20:31

When I went to Melvindale, we had a couple teachers who partied at lunch, big deal. Should of just sent her home and suspended her til Friday Highday. What softies

Anonymous No. 92959 2018-12-19 : 22:07

Having a drinking problem is shitty because nobody respects your disease. Being drunk at work is a symptom and she deserves help if she wants it.

john No. 92962 2018-12-20 : 00:02

This woman was responsible for her class. She should be fired, after all what was she doing driving at three times the legal limit.She could have killed someone. She is not setting a good example to her students. She knew what she was doing and decided to go to work in a deplorable condition instead of staying home and sleeping it off. Drunks are responsible for their actions. No one is forcing them to take that first drink especially when they know that they have no control of their drinking.

Anonymous No. 92981 2018-12-20 : 05:44

Maybe she needs help. You dont realize how toxic dealing with mid school children could be.

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