By: Steve Dellar | 12-20-2018 | News
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Sweden – New Elections Probable, Nationalists Rise In Polls

Some three months ago, the Swedish voters shocked European media as they turned out in large numbers for the anti-immigrant nationalists of the Sweden Democrats party. The other traditional political parties refused after the election result to work together with the Democrats of Mr. Jimmie Akesson leaving them deadlocked for months on end.

Now, after multiple votes in parliament left them without a solution, they all hope that the Christmas break will bring a solution. A new parliamentary vote in January is eagerly awaited, but if that one fails to reach compromise between the parties, the Swedes will have to go voting again in the spring of 2019. To the traditional parties’ horror, polls indicate that the only ones who would profit are the nationalists of the Sweden Democrats.

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Parliamentary chairman Mr. Andreas Norlén said that a new vote in the Swedish lower house to decide on a new prime minister is no longer using this year. He is envisaging new elections in the hope of politicians making concessions to avoid them.

Both the Social Democratic Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and Ulf Kristersson, chairman of the Moderate Party, was rejected by the Riksdag in Stockholm. None of the two major political alliances has a majority in parliament and refuses to let the other govern.

Discussions about a collaboration that transcends the political blocks along the left or right have been blocking Swedish politics over the past few months. It is the right-wing populists of the Swedish Democrats who hold the key, but nobody wants to work with them.

"It has to be done with the endless discussions", says Norlén now. "It is high time that Sweden gets a government."

The parties now have until 10 January to find each other: Norlén calls on both Löfven and Kristersson to go to work during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

On January 16, the parliament will vote for a third time on a prime minister. A fourth and final vote will follow on 23 January. After four unsuccessful voting rounds, new elections would be held on 21 April.

According to Norlén, he already informed the electoral and local authorities about the possibility of new elections. A new ballot box would be historic and a "major accident" for Swedish politicians, according to the President of Parliament. "We have a great responsibility to convert the election result into board. If we do not succeed, we risk losing confidence in the parties and the political system. "

However, a new poll published today by the public broadcaster SVT shows little change compared to the polls in September.

Biggest winners would be the anti-immigrant Swedish Democrats, who would rise 2.3 percentage points and become the second largest party at the expense of the liberals. The Social Democrats would remain the biggest party, but because of the success of the Sweden Democrats, they would not get a majority.


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