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NYT: Biased Democrat Operative Manipulated Alabama Senate Election via Botnet “False Flag”

The New York Times has reported on a “Secret Experiment” they claim that Democratic Party officials used to interfere in the hotly-contested replacement for former Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ seat, where Doug Jones edged out the Christian hero and media target Roy Moore.

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“We orchestrated an elaborate ‘false flag’ operation that planted the idea that the Moore campaign was amplified on social media by a Russian botnet,” according to the Times.

“The research project was intended to help us understand how these kind of campaigns operated,” said Jonathon Morgan, CEO of New Knowledge. “We thought it was useful to work in the context of a real election but design it to have almost no impact.”

The company New Knowledge used a calculated botnet, which fraudulently designed web pages and other targeted responses to users on social media. It appears the most frequent targets were on Facebook and Twitter, according to the Times.

To make matters more interesting, the Company's CEO Jonathon Morgan said Israeli IDF was responsible for interfering in the 2016 elections, yet their investigation and the current New York Times report only mentions Russia.

Both Morgan and the New Knowledge company account tweeted the claims that a PSY-Group working for the Israeli Government was responsible for the clandestine interference in US elections.

That claim isn't mentioned in Morgan's official statement and again is not in the earth-shattering propaganda piece from the failing New York Times.

We've taken the liberty of archiving Jonathon Morgan's claims of Israeli election meddling in case it mysteriously vanishes, as often happens with Twitter.

We also know that Bloomberg reported on the money flowing to an Israeli firm, through a Cyprus bank account.

They were apparently trying to hide the funneling of cash, but it was uncovered by the very group now saying Russia is responsible.

Credit: Bloomberg.

A similar report from “Just Security” details the Israeli connection, but suggest that the influence was somehow used to harm Hillary Clinton.

It's important to consider the biases held by Jonathon Morgan and his interesting connections to major left-wing companies.

Examining those, it's easier to discover why Morgan blamed Russia instead of Israel for the New York Times' endless shilling efforts.

“The secret project, carried out on Facebook and Twitter, was likely too small to have a significant effect on the race, in which the Democratic candidate it was designed to help, Doug Jones, edged out the Republican, Roy S. Moore,” writes the New York Times.

The report is a bit of a stunning revelation, considering it's the first time we've ever seen the mainstream media openly admit to Democrats using ”secret experiments” to manipulate an election.

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An “anon” from's Politically Incorrect blasted the announcement, pointing out that Google has previously stated that Russia only spent $4,000 amidst the 2016 election advertisements they've reportedly purchased. Despite this, we've seen two years worth of manipulative investigations with no end in sight, and to date, no viable evidence of Russian interference has been made public to America.

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Democrats have now confessed to spending twice the amount that Russia allegedly spent on the 2016 elections.

Will the Democratic Party be summoned by lawmakers to express their frustrations? Doubtful.

Anons also vented that the Democrats are confident they know they've been able to successfully interfere in our elections, with no punishment whatsoever.

Credit: #12582793

This brazen confession via the New York Times marks uncharted waters, with the bold proclamation from the left to say “we can get away with whatever we like.”

The outrageous story should prompt an immediate investigation, and Alabama voters should be rising up to demand another election.

While there's a slim to none chance of that actually happening, the upcoming 2020 race in Alabama may see a much different result assuming the correct candidate is chosen to run against Doug Jones. Simultaneously, many Southern Nationalist and traditional values Christians are frustrated with the lack of results in terms of immigration and a border wall.

Even more, concerning in regards to the secretive operation on behalf of the Democrats is that chief executive of “New Knowledge,” Jonathon Morgan, also played a crucial role in blasting Russia for their alleged involvement in the 2016 elections.

On 8ch, /pol/ is not amused by today's propaganda, and Twitter is lighting up over the story as well.

An excerpt from the poorly written Medium post of the New Knowledge CEO. Credit:Jonathon Morgan on Medium.

Ironically, Morgan wrote on Medium in 2017 that “sock puppets and secessionists” played a role influencing voters on behalf of Russia. Again, little to no mention of Israel in this story.

Attempting to prove his claim, Morgan used a graph to show specific words used by Trump supporters that he claims to show a speech pattern used by the AltRight. He goes as far as to suggest that it's possible a single writer is responsible for the comments in support of Trump.

To add insult to injury, an October 20th of 2016 Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) article gives credence to Jonathon Morgan and New Knowledge.

Here's an archive of the SPLC story with Jonathon Morgan's name mentioned.

The SPLC article below was published before the 2016 election victory from Donald Trump.

Credit: SPLC

The SPLC used Morgan's essential opinionated and biased Medium posts to attempt to justify what they deem as a likely Trump victory over Hillary Clinton.

The same Democratic Party puppet is revealing his mask. Back in November of 2016, the New Knowledge pawn of the Marxian socialist left wing wrote a Medium post pretending to prevent social media manipulation.

An excerpt from the poorly written Medium post of the New Knowledge CEO. Credit:Jonathon Morgan on Medium.

By reading Jonathon Morgan's Medium Posts we can see he holds a political bias that favors the Democratic Party. Yet, through his Twitter account, he brags of carrying out an investigation on behalf of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Morgan goes on to make senseless ramblings about alleged targeting of African Americans on behalf of Russia.

This is seemingly impossible since President Trump won less than 10% of the African American vote in the United States of America.

He goes on to say “Russian Trolls” are responsible for “memetic warfare,” despite ever mentioning the known presence of AIPAC or other Israeli influences over the United States.

For example, we know without a shadow of a doubt that Israeli billionaires are some of both party's top donors. Morgan doesn't mention this at all, not even once.

Credit: Geek Wire.

The audacity of his claims versus the meddling he actually participated in during the Alabama Senate race showcases a national effort to subvert the Constitutional Republic. Apparently, the New York Times assumed it was wise to report this confession.

Credit: New Knowledge.

Again, the brazen behavior of the left has admitted to its own wrongdoings and further underscores both the protection given to Israel, the lies the left uses to blame Russia, and the coordinated attack on our nation's liberties by the Democratic Party.

The endless kvetching of the media over Russia is oh so tiresome, with little to no reports about Israel's powerful domination of the US Congress.

This could be in part because New Knowledge’s Co-Founder Ryan Fox worked with the National Security Agency (NSA), and that agency routinely shares American citizen’s personal data with Israel.

Most Americans have no idea this is even happening. They are, however, becoming aware of Israel's tyrannical influence.

Just yesterday, President Trump has an argument with Benjamin Netanyahu over his decision to pull US forces out of Syria, a war that benefits no nation except the Zionist Israeli government.

Again, New Knowledge refused to report on the Israeli influence, Saudi Arabia, or that of China.

It also seems that through a firm New Knowledge used to acquire financial support, known as Moonshot Capital.

Not to mention, Morgan worked for The Atlantic where he wrote with obvious bias attacking the AltRight.

Credit: The Atlantic.

Keep in mind, we already know Morgan had previously blamed the interferences on Israel.

Tech Crunch reported that Amazon Head Jeff Bezos is also connected to the group. New Knowledge admits to this connection in a previous blog post via their website.

Jonathon Morgan denied that he participated in any illegal activity, via his Twitter account.

Bezos and Donald Trump are mortal enemies, with the President slamming Amazon repeatedly during his tenure. Not to mention, we've also discovered that Jonathon Morgan was a writer for The Atlantic, a known radical leftist media outlet.

”How the 'Alt-Right' Came to Dominate the Comments on Trump's Facebook Page” by Jonathon Morgan- The Atlantic.

Time will tell if we're going to see any legitimate pushback from the GOP over these claims of election interferences. As an Alabama voter, it frustrates myself and my family to know that this occurred without our knowledge, and worse that they've continued to get away with it.

What we've seen here is a direct attempt to apparently shift blame away from Israel and those known to interfere in America's the Constitutional Republic. Now, by the Democratic Party using the same individual to claim, Russia is responsible for the election meddling, the entire story seems like a farce. Does anyone trust the mainstream media in 2018? Unlikely.

There's much more going on here than we're being told, with intelligence agencies, radical tech companies, the IDF and Israel, Democratic Party elites, and clearly Jonathon Morgan's company all involved.

Morgan seems as if he has a desire to make Russia appear as if they played a key role in the outcome of the election. Still, the majority of the pseudoscience used in his various Medium posts isn't solid proof of any illegal meddling by Russia.

Suggesting that specific terms used by Twitter and Facebook users are a single individual is preposterous, as many people feel the same about Israel and their presence.

You cannot code an algorithm, or bot to pick up those terms, because the bias of Jonathon Morgan in telling the bot to analyze terms he believes to have a Russian origin.

If I disliked liberals in Hollywood, California, and I believed the terms “cheat” and “lie” were used among Hollywood liberals, it doesn't mean that every person using those words are Hollywood Liberals. That's an opinion.

So, in using that opinion to hypothesize a potential explanation for the heavy use of those words? We've combined statistical data (the terms used on social media) with my opinion as a cross analysis method.

The end result is that a biased opinion decided whether those terms automatically came from a Hollywood Liberal.

More propaganda and casting blame at Russia with very little proof to provide a proper explanation.

Thanks, New York Times and Jonathon Morgan, for both confessing to the types of behavior the Democratic Party is engaged in, and showing us why you're called “fake news.”

We will continue to report additional information on this mind-blowing propaganda as it arises.

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