By: Steve Dellar | 12-21-2018 | News
Photo credit: Instagram Johanna Olsson

Sweden – Shock Over Instagram Influencer Fake Travel Pics

Swedish fashion influencer Miss Johanna Olsson, a well-known celebrity in Scandinavia, has been met with ridicule because different photos which she posted on her Instagram account this week appear to be fake. The blonde recently shared pictures of her visit to Paris, but they turned out to be nothing other than the result of photoshop. Furthermore, the photoshop editing had been done a bit clumsy too.

On one of the photos, Miss Olsson can be seen on a bridge over the Seine in Paris. The 28-year-old Swedish celebrity actually floats above the road surface and has no shadow, a clear case of Photoshop. Other shots also appear to be manipulated. The lighting is often not correct and backgrounds do not fit with the foreground.


Part of her more than half a million followers is deeply disappointed in Miss Olsson, who earns good money for her photos. She gets paid by various Scandinavian clothing and cosmetics companies when she poses with their products. Many in Sweden now feel this is unfair.

"Olsson shows us a reality that does not exist at all," says one of her followers.

Miss Olsson, who is a huge celebrity in Sweden, was invited this week in her homeland to a number of talk shows to explain the offending photos. The influencer assured everyone that she had indeed been in Paris. Something that her followers now seriously doubt. "Which photos are real and which fake? We really do not know," they state.

Not the only one

Olsson lost a large number of fans in a week's time, although according to her, she is certainly not the only one who 'messes' with photos. "There are hundreds of colleagues worldwide who do the same to get a better picture. I have indeed cheated a bit with those Paris photos. And, admittedly, I have not yet fully mastered the photo editing program. "

But later this week, when the furore in Sweden had did down, Olsson shared fashion photographs which she said were made in snowy Switzerland. The reactions however were immediate as most of her followers could see that she once again used photoshop.

"Too bad, another hundred percent fake. Unfortunately, photoshopping is still not your strong suit," claimed one of her followers as he quit the channel.

The Swedish star seems to have insufficient money to hire a good photo editor.


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