By: Steve Dellar | 12-23-2018 | Opinion
Photo credit: The Jewish Voice And Cartoonize

Democrat Schumer Says Wall “Trump's Bone To The Hard Right”

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer announced to US President Donald Trump that his party will never grant the funds for the border wall as he feels the White House is simply serving up this promise to keep, what he calls, the ‘hard right’ of the Republican party, satisfied.

In discussing the most famous non-existent wall in the worlds, Mr Schumer stated: "If you want to open the government, you must abandon the wall, plain and simple."

“Everyone knew yesterday, long before the House vote, that the president's wall lacked 60 votes in the Senate. It has proven to lack even 50 votes. It will never pass the Senate. Not today, not next week, not next year," Schumer continued.

"The wall is President Trump's bone to the hard right. It's no way to spend $5 billion, on a political bone."

The Democrats claim that a majority of Americans do not support its construction.

Democrats needed

Although Republicans currently have a majority in both House of Representatives and the Senate, and of course the Presidency, they are dependent on the Democrats to get this budget through. In the Senate, where the Republicans occupy 51 out of 100 seats, they need 60 votes to approve such a law.

And thus, they have to get Democrats on board. Last week, the two parties agreed, but then when President Donald Trump was informed about the money that was to be spent he changed his mind. The Republican representatives have mostly joined the president. Ever since then negotiations have been stuck.

The two parties did not come closer together on Saturday during negotiations. President Trump claims he will only be satisfied with 'nothing less' than $ 5 billion for a 'big, beautiful' boundary wall.

Meanwhile, the Democrats only want to spend a maximum of $1.6 billion for extra border surveillance and at most a new piece of 'border fence' of about one hundred kilometers.

Global walls

Although Mr Schumer tries to make the American public believe that the wall is only needed for the hard right, he tends to forget the deeper meaning of it for the US President’s supporters.

The Trump voting public would not only look to the wall as not just a physical barrier to immigration but also as a symbol of American determination to defend their heritage, their culture and their language from immigration. It would not only be a wall in itself but more so a stop to removal of American values and norms.

Other countries have built walls in a similar manner in the past. India has a wall around neighboring Bangladesh, many Eastern European have put fencing in place on their borders to avoid a flood of immigrants, Israel has built the most famous of all walls to diminish terrorist attacks on its soil (leading to a very efficient result) and even Mexico itself has closed off its southern border for the same reason.

Currently, the last negotiating difficulty in handling the Brexit agreement between the British government and the EU are over the possible re-installment of border controls between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The placement of walls, fences and border controls is a global issue.

Lastly, allow us to remind Mr Schumer of what former President Barack Obama said in a speech to the Senate back in 2006, describing America’s immigration system as ‘broken’ for allowing ‘a flood of illegals’ into America: “The American people are a welcoming and generous people. But those who enter out country illegally, and those who employ them, disrespect the rule of law. And because we live in an age where terrorists are challenging our borders, we simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States undetected, undocumented and unchecked.”


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11 Comment/s
Anonymous No. 93116 2018-12-23 : 12:38

Well Chucky, if it is just a bone and and has no meat on it why are you upset?

It is about 1/2 of the amount you want to give away to the very same countries leaders that are KNOWN to pocket the $$$$ we send to them every few years to help their poor. An still they force them on us.

Could it be you and the Socialist-Democrats are placing politics ABOVE the security of the USA Citizens?

Could it be you and the Socialist-Democrats want to bring down the USA with Open Borders and ERASE OUR COUNTRY?

tab No. 93122 2018-12-23 : 13:12

someone ask THE JEW Schumer, why he gave Israel BILLIONS so that they could build a wall.... what a coincidence that Schumer IS A GD JEW who's allegiance is to ISRAEL not the USA.

Anonymous No. 93139 2018-12-23 : 16:33

Maybe, but it definitely throws you in the wrong direction, Asshole

Anonymous No. 93152 2018-12-23 : 17:35

All these lousy politicians with dual citizenship should be charged with treason! How can our politicians be allowed to have dual citizenship?

Anonymous No. 93158 2018-12-23 : 18:54

Schumer needs to get out of this country.

Anonymous No. 93177 2018-12-23 : 22:25


[email protected] No. 93187 2018-12-24 : 11:52

i heard last week that the nuclear option could be employed and the senate could pass the budget w/all of the money for the wall... i wonder what happened and why it isn't used

Anonymous No. 93322 2018-12-28 : 06:14

Schumer, Hillary, Bill C., Pelosi used to push for strict border controls and even made speeches about how important it was back when they were trying to curry favor with the working voter.
Now that they realize Trump has garnered the working voter support for himself, they are against border controls because they know the next election cycle can be won if they import just enough illegals into the states to tip the balance of votes back to Democratic. Thats why they pushed for the motor voter bill and fought tooth and nail against Voter ID.

Meme No. 93332 2018-12-28 : 12:50

Why doesn't Schumer tell the real truth, he wants to bankrupt SS and Medicaid services to distroy America and starve to death the poor and the elderly for power. He needs to be hung for treason. Publicly. Walk in to s social security office and see how many migrants are in there the last time i was there i was 1 of 4 that were americans and could speak english out of 37. We need the wall and means testing. These people are drawing on funds legal on the books working Americans have paid into and not contributed to that is why entitlement programs are going broke.

J.Williams No. 93574 2019-01-04 : 02:39

It’s obvious democrats hate Trump, The United States of America and the saftey of America. Dems are a shameless disgrace to the Nation

Kenneth Colakovic No. 93652 2019-01-16 : 02:09

Israel has walls The Vatican has walls

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