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Everything Is Problematic: Christmas Movies Edition

Recently there has been a lot of talk about how the classic animated feature Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer actually promotes bullying. It's become a tradition over the past several years to just ruin everything from the past and Christmas movies are no exception. This week in Everything Is Problematic, we'll be tackling the latest complaints from those who apparently can't stand holiday cheer.

Everything Is Problematic: Music Edition

White Christmas from 1954 with it's Minstrel show segment when they're singing the titular song. Speaking of titular, the Lampoon himself from National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, Clark Griswold, has been called out for the scene where he can't stop[noticing or nearly mentioning a storeclerk's ample cleavage.

One of the most classic and touching of all Christmas movies is It's a Wonderful Life. Even the heartwarming tale of George Bailey hasn't escaped the ire of the SJWs. Apparently, in one scene Jimmy Stewart's character ends an argument by planting a firm kiss on his wife's mouth. Critics point out that he did not, however, get consent to kiss his wife. It's also been pointed out how his wife Mary, in the alternate reality where he wasn't born, ends up as a spinster librarian. Ask any feminist, the unmarried cat lady and wine aunt are the pinnacles of possibility for empowered womyn.

A Christmas Story generally plays for days at a time up until Christmas but some have called out the "racial insensitivity" in the scene where they have their dinner at the Chinese restaurant and the staff serve up Christmas songs in their thick accents.

Mixed Nuts (which makes my list of non-traditional Christmas movies I'll be sharing tomorrow) with Steve Martin is called out for mocking the mentally ill and transphobia. Another 80's Christmas film, Scrooged was criticized by the Daily Mail in their "Femail" column. Daily Mail brings up the "questionable workplace behavior" that occurs in the movie as being offensive:

"One of the secretaries in the company is drunk and photocopies her bottom, pictures of which she then hands out to her male co-workers.

This demeans the women's position in the office, taking her from an equal co-worker to a sex object."

Now hold on right there, so a woman of her own will and volition photocopies her own butt, is demeaned and somehow it's still the patriarchy's fault? I suppose...

Love Actually and Bridget Jones' Diary also show up on several lists of "problematic" Christmas fare, but I'm sorry, I'm more of an "action and horror movies at Yule" kind of guy and there's really no right time of year to watch a rom-com with Renee Zellwegger or Hugh Grant.

Stay tuned for my list of non-traditional Christmas movies just in time for Christmas Eve.

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Deplorable Jesse No. 93145 2018-12-23 : 16:47

Have they gotten around to figuring out what's wrong with Die Hard yet?

If I try real hard, I guess I can think of a few things.

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