By: Steve Dellar | 12-24-2018 | News
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Italy – Toddler (2) Dies When African ‘Doctor’ Performs Ritual Circumcision

A two-year-old boy died and his five-year-old brother was hospitalized in serious condition after the two children were subjected to ritual circumcision at home by a Libyan self-appointed ‘doctor.’

The events took place yesterday in Monterotondo, a poor suburb near Rome. The two children were at a refugee center that the NGO Arci Roma manages together with the municipality since 2009.

The children are both of Nigerian origin. The so-called 66-year-old physician who performed the ritual appears to be a US citizen of Libyan origin.

The prosecutor of Tivoli has now ordered his arrest and charged him with manslaughter, bringing serious injuries to minors and abusive exercise of the medical profession. According to a first reconstruction the practice was performed first on the older child and then on the younger one.

When the refugee centre management became aware of the life-threatening condition of the two, the Italian emergency number was called and an ambulance arrived shortly after. For one of the two children, however, there was nothing anyone could do anymore as he had already lost too much blood.

The little toddler, who has not been named, was born in Italy in January 2017 to a woman of Nigerian origin who is believed to have sought asylum in Italy. She has 5 other children who remain in Nigeria.

The operation took place in a refugee welcome centre with nine apartments provided by the nonprofit organization Arci and the local council in the town of Monterondo, a suburb of Rome.

"We are shocked to learn of the death of a child and the serious condition of his twin in Monterondo,” Arci’s Rome branch said in a statement published on its Facebook page on Sunday. “The two children are hosted in a welcome centre that Arci has run with the Monterotondo Council since 2009. It is a tragedy that leaves us speechless! We are anxiously awaiting a medical update on the second child.”

The mother, holder of humanitarian refugee passport, arrived in the house in Monterotondo in mid-November. The management of the refugee center claims that they had no suspicion that she wanted to subject the children to circumcision.

Mr Antonino Lupi, the mayor of Monterotondo declared: “It is an absolute tragedy.”

“No-one outside the family is allowed to enter the building. Evidently the mother took the initiative without telling anyone, otherwise it would not have been at all allowed.”

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3 Comment/s
Anonymous No. 93188 2018-12-24 : 13:16

Normally I's be like many screaming for his head. Because he is a not a medically licensed person.

BUT!, while term "Ritual Circumcision" was used to excite the readers. This common procedure is performed MILLIONS of times each year and it is called "Circumcision".

The simple the removal of the foreskin to reduce infections and other issues later in life. The Jews do it on the 8th day after birth and its called a brit milah. A dozen other nationalities, religions and races perform this very common practice. Many using trained, but still non-Medical lay persons.

It has been performed by NON-MEDICAL Individuals for close to 3000 years.

YES the guy screwed up and needs to be held accountable.

But so does the Wife that shalt out the operation on their kids generally much older than normal for the procedure. A procedure which is usually done in the 1st few months of a baby's birth. Add to this her knowing the poor conditions of the refugee camp environment, she and the kids were in.

Wonderingly No. 93196 2018-12-24 : 16:38

Male circumcision IS dehooding. Stop dehooding us! This is impacting our ability to experience what nature intended us to experience. STOP CIRCUMCISION.

I happened to need medical care and despite having expressed no pain and no need for pain meds, was handed a prescription for a narcotic pain killer.

The doctors are out to get us. Take a witness with you when you are being seen by a physician. Refuse injections. The doctors today are not the doctors our parents went to. I call them executioners.

Anonymous No. 93239 2018-12-25 : 16:36

How can you charge him with "abusive exercise of the medical profession" when he never was a doctor in the first place.
Oh wait, rabbis perform these things without a medical license, why aren't they going to prison

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