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Brazil – Bolsonaro Blacklists Cuba, Venezuela And Nicaragua For Inauguration

Jair Bolsonaro, the President-Elect of Brazil, has made it known via his future Foreign Minister Ernesto Araújo, that Nicaragua’s government has joined Cuba and Venezuela as the South American nations he blacklisted from attending his inauguration ceremony planned for New Year’s Day.

Mr Bolsonaro claimed that he based his decision to ban Nicaragua's regime on their alleged permanent violations of human rights.

Mr Araújo wrote: “the inauguration of President Bolsonaro will mark the beginning of a government with a firm and clear stance in defense of freedom. Due to this and to the violations of the regime of Daniel Ortega against the freedom of the people of Nicaragua, no representative of that regime will be received for the event of January 1.”

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The news comes as Mr Bolsonaro’s government is beginning to shape up, with many European nations looking forward to doing business with Brazil again whilst his South American counterparts claim the rightwing leader has staffed his ministerial positions with military and evangelicals.

Foreign Affairs

In September of this year, Mr Ernesto Araújo started the blog ‘Metapolítica 17: contra o globalismo,’ in which he stated that climate change is a 'Marxist conspiracy' and that the multilateral world order can be changed, because it currently is 'anti-Christian'.

He becomes the new Minister of Foreign Affairs in Brazil. Mr Araújo is a career diplomat but was never a top player in Brazilian diplomacy. With this choice, Bolsonaro makes it clear that he is going for a U-turn with this government.

Brazil was working hard on its international image and with the organization of the first climate conference in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 and recently with the World Cup and the Olympic Games it was ready to become a world player. But three consecutive presidents charged with corruption brought progress to a standstill. Bolsonaro hopes that he can pull Brazil back on the right track.

Mr Araújo, a great admirer of Donald Trump, already said that he wants a special relationship with the US. His first act may be the withdrawal of his country from the UN Migration Pact.


Judge Sérgio Moro is beloved by Brazilians because he led the ‘Car Wash’ investigation into the major corruption scandals involving Odebrecht and Petrobras (and thus also jailed former president 'Lula' da Silva). Mr Moro has been appointed to lead a super-ministry of Justice and Security.

"He will lead the fight against insecurity and corruption, the themes that helped Bolsonaro to power," says Lucas Melgaço, a Brazilian political commentator.

The appointment does however raise some moral questions. A few years ago, Moro stated that he would never enter politics because it would question his independence and his work. He took judicial decisions this year which contributed to Bolsonaro's victory.

The military

"There are more soldiers in the government than in 1964 at the start of the military dictatorship," says Mr Melgaço.

Not only the Minister of Defense, the Vice President and the National Security Adviser are senior military figures, technology and energy are also staffed with former military.

Bolsonaro himself has a history as an army captain is and admirer of the former military dictatorship.
Analysts expect Brazil to align itself with the US on foreign policy and US Republicans are looking forward for the biggest South American nation to be on their side again.

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Anonymous No. 93232 2018-12-25 : 15:15

Looks like some juicy political drama with Brazil. Nice.

Anonymous No. 93233 2018-12-25 : 16:04

The Southern Hemisphere Trump!!

Anonymous No. 93235 2018-12-25 : 16:25

He should blacklist the rest of the USA representatives but only invite Trump.

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