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DE - Stray Bullet Hits Girl, 4, At Home While Trying to Open Her Christmas Gift

It’s been said many times, many ways that Christmas is for children, especially as it is an occasion for them to enjoy gifts, toys, new clothes and good food, among others. One 4-year-old girl from Delaware was just eagerly waiting for the go-ahead to open her Christmas gift when she was unfortunately hit by a stray bullet leaving her wounded and spending Christmas in the hospital.

Authorities say the little girl was hit in the back of the head by a stray bullet just as she stood next to a Christmas tree inside her apartment on Sunday night.

Milford police said the little victim was immediately brought to Nemours/A.I. duPont Hospital for Children after Sunday night’s shooting.

The police are not naming the girl at this point because she was a victim of a crime.

The stray bullet came from a shooting in the neighborhood that was triggered by a fight between multiple people in the courtyard. Someone then fired a handgun. Detective Timothy Maloney shared that one of the bullets struck the little girl.

The girlfriend of the child’s father said that glass shattered all over the apartment complex, sending it all over the floor. She also saw blood running all over.

She said the saddest thing was the child was just too excited to open her gift with a Barbie doll inside. Mere seconds later, she had to wrap the girl’s head in a towel to stop the bleeding while waiting for the ambulance to take her to the hospital. She said: “She’s just a baby.”

Because of the tragedy, the father’s girlfriend says it won’t be a happy Christmas for them, with the child in the hospital instead of enjoying their little merriment at home, with her Christmas present and all.

It is not yet clear when the young girl will be discharged from the hospital, or what her state is now.

The police have yet to identify the persons involved in the fight, and the one who fired the shots. It is also not clear what exactly started their misunderstanding that led to the fight and subsequent firing of shots. It is not yet clear if anyone will be charged for a stray bullet hitting an innocent child at their home just waiting to open Christmas present.

Milford police are requesting anyone with helpful information or tips on the incident to call 302-422-8081.


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