By: Savannah Smith | 12-25-2018 | News
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UT - Struggling Mom of 5 Kids Gets Hidden Cash in Baby Food As Christmas Gift

There are still a lot of Christmas cheers and good old American generosity to go around this holiday season. A financially-struggling family from Sunset, Utah became a grateful recipient of the good will of a mysterious Good Samaritan who left money in the packaging of a baby food snack they purchased at the grocery store.

Anntasia Kay said she went to the Sunset Smith’s Saturday to get some inexpensive items for her 8-month-old daughter, Echo. It is only after getting home that she discovered that sweet, pleasant surprise from a stranger. When Kay opened one of the baby’s snacks, something unusual fell from the lid and the canister’s seal. She found a note, along with a $30 tucked into it.

The money sure is a blessing for Kay. The family has their financial challenges in light of the fact that aside from the baby, Kay and her husband are also raising four other children.

Expenses for Echo’s needs as a growing baby alone are already daunting as it is. Dad Kaleb Hicks shared that they’re “running through diapers like crazy”, along with regular items like formula and baby food.

The note also contains a special heartwarming message. It read: “Merry Christmas! While in a tight situation last Christmas some very generous strangers helped us in a similar way! Now we are overjoyed to help you! Merry Christmas and congratulations on this exciting time of life. We have certainly been here and know how challenging and wonderful this time of life can be and hope you feel our love. Merry Christmas!”

The note was signed “Friends.”

The little help from their unknown friends could not have come at a better time, too. Hicks was recently laid off and Kay has missed on her paycheck right now because of the government shutdown. Their situation is really challenging given that they have five kids.

Kay would like to extend her thanks to their anonymous “Santa Claus” for spreading some holiday cheer and generosity to them at a time they need it most. She said: “We really appreciate what they did for us.”



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