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Colombia - President Duque Realizes Gun Ban Is Not In The Country's Best Interest

Perhaps after seeing how disarming the citizens allowed Venezuela to fall under the rule of a dictator under the guise of socialism has influenced the politicians of Colombia. The President of Colombia Ivan Duque decided to relax laws surrounding the country's ban on firearms. The move comes in response to former President Alvaro Uribe announcing that civilians would be allowed to carry firearms if permitted by the military.

The former President's call to loosen the ban on guns is highly controversial for a deadly reason. In the 1990s, armed self-defense groups were briefly legitimized but ended up killing tens of thousands in just 10 years time. The armed self-defense groups were allowed by former President Uribe who personally signed off on at least 70 of those "vigilante" groups during his time as governor of the Antioquia province.

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Both Uribe's right-wing oriented Democratic Center party and the Conservative Party, enough people of influence called on the Colombian President Duque to relax the ban on guns so that "Colombians who are exposed to constant risk do not only count on improved guarantees to defend themselves against crime and aggression, but also the tools of protection."

Almost as if it were a gift to the Colombian people, the former President Uribe released the draft of his new decree on Christmas Day and just 40 hours later Duque published the final decree. Paragraph 2 of article 1 now states:

"During the term of this decree, the Ministry of National Defense shall issue the guidelines and/or guidelines for the issuance of special authorizations required by the holders for reasons of urgency or security and the corresponding exceptions to the competent military authorities, taking into account, among other factors, the particular conditions of each request."

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Colombian Senate president Ernesto Macias said in a tweet that "there will be special permissions for citizens who need one and comply with the requisites." The President signed the decree that was drafted by his political patron without compromising the state's control of the violence.

Despite the obvious results of banning guns and making them illegal, both the centrist and leftist political parties denounced the new legislation and called it "dangerous" and tried to say that the country was already at peace. Peace isn't the issue, the issue is the vast majority of working class, law-abiding good citizens being able to defend themselves, their families, and their homes from bad guys who will have guns whether they are illegal or not.

The Liberal Party was quick to respond with a tyrannical statement that was more of a political tantrum, something the people of Colombia who face violence and crime see right through. "We don’t understand how we sign peace and the response is to allow Colombians have their own gun. Colombians shouldn’t be armed, they should be given justice, equity, security, education, equality, and progress"

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"Colombians shouldn't be armed."

This single statement is a testament to the true motivations of the Liberal Party, rather than allow their good, hard-working citizens who pay taxes have the right to defend themselves, they would rather take all of the guns so that they can maintain complete control of the people of Colombia.

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