By: Steve Dellar | 12-27-2018 | News
Photo credit: Screenshot Build Sydney Opal Tower

Australia - Sydney ‘Cracking’ Tower Residents Evacuated Again (Video)

The residents of a brand new apartment complex in Sydney have to leave their homes for the second time in a few days (see our related coverage) to their great displeasure. Experts have discovered more defects in the ‘cracking’ new tower.

On Christmas Eve, the residents of the 33-story Opal Tower had to leave their flats because the building made suspicious noises. On the tenth floor, engineers found a big crack. The evacuation of the residential tower and some surrounding buildings was immediately decided upon.

It would prove to be a precautionary measure and yesterday many residents of the 392 residential complex returned. There was no risk of collapse, the experts noted.

51 apartments, however, show greater defects.

Structurally healthy

Although the building is 'structurally healthy ‘ according to construction company Icon, a more extensive investigation has led to a renewed evacuation of the skyscraper. The residents of the apartments must for the time being seek to stay elsewhere.

During the research period, which may take weeks, the residents are accommodated in hotels.

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All water, gas and electricity pipes in the building are closed. Icon assured tenants it would compensate them for their inconvenience.

For a large number of residents, the evacuation brought an early end to the weeklong Christmas break. Many of them are furious at the construction company and even more angry about the accommodation where they are housed. The lack of clarity about the length of the research also makes them furious.

Press conference

During a press conference by the builder of the crumbling tower, an unknown resident angrily asked Icon director Julian Doyle how this would proceed.

“You ask us to move back now you ask us to evacuate again,” she said.

“The accommodation you provided is terrible compared to our apartments, which we pay for. All of us with pets, we have valuable things in our apartments, you ask us to move all the valuable things with us it’s impossible. Nobody is responsible for anything, if it goes missing in our apartments, any compensation.”

“Nobody has mentioned anything and I’m asking why. How long should we wait for final results and can we have some fair treatment in the end?”


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