By: Savannah Smith | 12-27-2018 | News
Photo credit: Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

PA - Lindsay Lohan’s Stepmother Commandeers a Bus Full of Passengers

The stepmother of Lindsay Lohan was riding in a crowded bus on Christmas day in Pennsylvania when she missed her stop. She had a meltdown, pinning the blame on the driver. Not content with that, she also put at risk the lives of all other passengers when she attempted to commandeer the occupied bus akin to a hostage situation and attacked the poor bus driver.

36-year-old Kate Major Lohan of Boca Raton, Florida was already pushing buttons and asking about brakes. Before more trouble and danger could ensue, an alert passenger came to the rescue and ejected her from the driver’s seat.

The authorities were informed of Lohan’s reckless behavior and criminal act that could have potentially endangered the safety and lives of all those on board the bus.

Pennsylvania State Police said they arrested the stepmother of the actress and charged her with driving under the influence, disorderly conduct, harassment, and public drunkenness.

State police said the whole ugly incident started when Lohan tried to get off at the Hellertown stop but that she missed it. She turned her ire on the driver and blamed him and demanded that the bus stop for her. When she couldn’t get her way, she forcefully commandeered the bus.

When questioned by the police, Lohan claimed that she was attacked by the driver, something the driver refuted. Several passengers on the same bus served as witnesses and backed up the driver’s account.

Records state that Lohan also admitted to the police that she had a few glasses of wine earlier in the day before taking the bus.

Lohan managed to post bail and was released on the same day, Wednesday.

She is married to Michael Lohan, the father of Lindsay Lohan. She also attended high school in Allentown.

Court documents do not indicate if she has her defense lawyer already.


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