By: Steve Dellar | 12-28-2018 | News
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Sarah Sanders Slams CNN For ‘Attacking The Brave Men And Women Of Our Military’

The US mainstream media went through their usual 180° spin of first attacking and later praising the First Couple after seeing that they were wrong about the Trump couple’s unwillingness to visit US troops during the Christmas period.

Whereas on Christmas Day, most major news outlets stated their shock as they felt US President Trump didn’t care about the troops by not visiting them, none offered a ‘mea culpa’ but simply went on to report how both Mr and Ms Trump not only went to visit the troops in Iraq, but also in Germany.

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In doing so, FLOTUS became the nation’s first First Lady since 1969 to visit US army troops in a combat zone.

NBC News for example reported at first that Mr Trump was the "first president since 2002 not to visit troops at Christmastime."

But that sentence could be understood as saying that the First Couple have never visited troops, which is entirely fake news. Not only did President Trump visit wounded American service members at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center before Christmas last year, as the report acknowledges, but on the same day the NBC report was published, the president also began his pre-planned trip to Iraq. Others meanwhile openly wondered whether the president wasn't visiting troops because of "cowardice or indifference."

CNN went a step further with their usual criticism of the First Couple afterwards, asking if the obviously excited troops in Iraq were violating military rules by getting the president to sign “Make America Great Again” hats and “Trump 2020” stickers.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders called them out for it on social media, stating: “CNN will attack anyone who supports President Trump, including the brave men and women of our military who fight everyday to protect our freedom.”

The post was later retweeted by Ms Stephanie Grisham, spokeswoman for FLOTUS.

CNN were joined in their criticism of the US troops by a reporter from Bloomberg, who questioned whether it was really necessary to show a ‘Trump flag’ during the presidential visit.

US president Trump later joined in the criticism when it was falsely reported that he himself had brought MAGA hats, stating: “CNN and others within the Fake News Universe were going wild about my signing MAGA hats for our military in Iraq and Germany. If these brave young people ask me to sign their hat, I will sign. Can you imagine my saying NO?”

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Anonymous No. 93342 2018-12-28 : 15:39

well why shouldn't they hold a Trump flag? Obumma and Killary threw our troops in the trash can, spit on them, disrespected them and even let them be murdered!! Our President Trump loves, respects, and honors our patriots. CNN CAN BURN IN HELL WITH THEIR GLOBAL ILK!!! EVERYONE KNOWS CNN ARE LIARS AND PROPAGANDISTS FOR THE LYING TOTALITARIAN COMMUNIST NWO!!!



Anonymous No. 93345 2018-12-28 : 15:55

Such a beautiful smile Sarah, so good to see her share it. Sarah is a very brave lady.

Anonymous No. 93353 2018-12-28 : 18:45

Judicial Watch reports they now have documents that prove Obummer Killary Panetta Rice all knew 10 days in advance, that there was a plan to attack Benghazi. And that bitch ignored over 600 calls for help.

Gen. Carter Ham was relieved as head of U.S. Africa Command after only a year and a half because he disagreed with orders not to mount a rescue mission in response to the Sept. 11, 2012, attack in Benghazi.

They are not only murderers of innocent civilians in their personalized was abroad, but also have murdered our own servicemen, and patriots.



Anonymous No. 93354 2018-12-28 : 18:46

*personalized wars abroad

Anonymous No. 93355 2018-12-28 : 18:53

Obama's Military Coup Purged 197 Officers In Five Years. Breitbart lists those dismissed w/ so called reasons. FLYNN WAS ONE OF THEM. THINK ABOUT THAT!

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