By: Steve Dellar | 12-28-2018 | News
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Trump Blasts ‘Obstructionist Democrats’ Over Wall As Shutdown Continues

US President Donald Trump went on a Twitter tirade this morning against the ‘Obstructionist Democrats’ as it becomes apparent that the partial shutdown of the US Government over the funding of the border wall will drag well into the New Year.

Consultations between Democrats and Republicans to try and reach a compromise on the conflict surrounding the budget for 2019 did not yield any results on Thursday.

This means that the quarrel will turn into the first major conflict between President Trump and the new Democratic majority in the House of Representatives. The Republicans lost their majority in the November Midterm elections.
The closure of ministries and other government departments has now taken almost a week.

Hundreds of thousands of civil servants have been affected, as well as citizens who are no longer able to use public services.

A quarter of the government, some fifteen ministries and dozens of agencies, are closed because President Trump and the Democrats cannot reach agreement on improving surveillance of the border with Mexico.

Trump wants about $5 billion for building a wall, but the Democrats do not want to go beyond $1.3 billion for fences along the border. The Democrats find a wall meaningless and ineffective to stop the flow of illegal immigrants. Council in the Senate delivered nothing on Thursday after which the meeting was suspended after a few minutes.

On Monday there is a new session but it is expected that this won’t deliver any results either. The next meeting is then on 2 January. However, leaders of both parties try to reach a compromise in the meantime, but neither of them are optimistic.

This means that part of the national parks will remain closed and around 380,000 civil servants will be forced to stay at home without pay. A further 420,000 civil servants must continue working but will not receive a salary for the time being.

The Democrats in the House want to use their new majority by adopting a law next week to reopen government services. "If they don’t do it before 3 January, we will do it", according to Democrat Jim McGovern, who will be in charge of an important House Committee as from next week. "We are going to behave like adults and do our work."
But chances are slim that this will lead to anything without the Senate's cooperation. In the Senate, the Republicans have the majority and President Trump will always have his veto to sue.

President Trump promised his supporters during the presidential election that a wall would be erected at the border with Mexico to put an end to the flow of migrants trying to enter the US.

Although his administration administers a zero tolerance for illegal immigration, there have never been more asylum seekers heading for the US Southern Border than in 2018.

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Eugene No. 93341 2018-12-28 : 15:03

Dems favor illegals over US Citizens

Anonymous No. 93349 2018-12-28 : 16:08

Don't wait on those Socialist Obstructionist. CLOSE the damn border now and do not reopen until we have full funding for the Wall !!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous No. 93350 2018-12-28 : 16:09


Jeff Allen No. 93351 2018-12-28 : 16:26

About time those who work off the taxpayers dime learn how to collect the minuscule amounts unemployment insurance pays. Who knows, in a few months maybe the decision to let go of these public sector servants will turn into a culling of federal employees. That would pay for the wall.

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