By: Savannah Smith | 12-28-2018 | News
Photo credit: Surveillance Video

TX - Police Offer $5K Reward to Hunt Robbery Suspects Dressed as “Santa”

Robbers have become so enterprising that they even follow the themes of the times. First, they come dressed as Rudolph, now they’ve upped the game and came dressed as this season’s poster boy for generosity, Santa no less. But they’re neither jolly, friendly and most of all, generous. They’re, in fact, armed and dangerous.

Two men have been spotted in Houston, Texas wearing Santa suits terrorizing check cashing businesses.

They were first recorded on November 27 when they struck at two different check cashing places. Surveillance video from the said two robberies showed the extent of the suspects’ violence. They were dressed in Santa suits with their red clothes trimmed in white. Most dangerously, they carried guns.

HPD Robbery Detective Jeff Miller said: “We’re calling them the Santa Clause hijackers, because of the red, white and black clothing. It almost looks like a Santa Claus outfit.”

Miller added that their resemblance to good old Santa ends with their outfits as he emphasized: “I definitely think terror is what they key on. They want to get people terrorized so there will be no resistance.”

Miller thinks that said robbers dressed as Santa could be linked to as many as a dozen robberies this year with all but two incidents taking place since November 20.

The suspects are normally covered from head to toe during the said robberies, however, a convenience store camera caught one of the robbers while out of his Santa-like costume between crimes. The suspect was then wearing red pants trimmed in white and made the “mistake” of looking right at the camera.

The Houston police are now asking the public’s help to track down and identify the said robbers. Anyone with information is requested to immediately call HPD Robbery Division at (713) 308-0700.

The police are also playing Santa in a way, and a good one at that, by offering a generous reward of $5,000 for any crucial information or helpful tip that could lead to the suspects’ arrest.


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