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KS - Gifted Boy, 16, Set To Get Both HS, Harvard Diplomas At The Same Time

A “very gifted” 16-year-old boy from Kansas is poised to earn both his high school diploma and his bachelor’s degree from Harvard just days apart from each other.

Braxton Moral will now go down in history as the only student to successfully pursue and complete a four-year high school degree and a bachelor’s degree from such an esteemed university as Harvard at about the same time.

Moral will get his high school diploma from Ulysses High School while he is also set to march to get his Bachelor of Arts diploma from Harvard, with a major in government and a minor in English. He will be just sweet 17 when he gets his two diplomas.

Moral is planning to attend both commencement ceremonies in May. Moral’s father said that Harvard has changed its rules, effectively making his son “the one and only” student to accomplish such an amazing feat.

It is nothing surprising anymore, however, for the father. They realized how special Braxton is since he was in third grade. His teachers told the father: “You need to do something. He’s not just gifted. He’s really, really gifted.”

Braxton even skipped the fourth grade. Proving his extraordinary intelligence, the Ulysses school allowed the then young boy to take some high school classes while he was still in middle school.

Braxton studied high school and attended the Harvard Extension School simultaneously. The said program of the university is mostly suited for adults who work and can’t attend classes on campus on a full-time basis.

There’s no stopping the achiever, however as he plans to attend Harvard Law School next.

Braxton’s achievements at such a young age become even more impressive in the light of news Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg going to the same prestigious university even if his SAT score is just 1270 out of 1600 when the usual score for the Ivy League university for admitted students is 1520 on the average.

Many have criticized Harvard for its decision to admit the self-proclaimed leader of the March For Our Lives movement, and a gun law activist, despite his poor SAT score. The critics think it’s quite a stretch to still accommodate Hogg when his score is way below acceptable figures.



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