By: Kyle James | 12-30-2018 | News
Photo credit: Rigo Torres | GoFundMe

Man Launches GoFundMe Campaign To Tunnel Under Trump's Border Wall

A man in Florida has launched a GoFundMe campaign to crowdfund supplies to build tunnels under President Trump's incomplete border wall. The man's name is Rigo Torres, and he wrote on the crowdfunding page, "To the thousands of people raising money for a wall ... I'm raising money to supply tunnel builders with shovels ... I'm sure we won't need the $150,000,000 but in all reality who gives a shit ... let's see how much I can raise."

Something tells me Torres won't raise much money; the real question is whether GoFundMe will allow this campaign to commit an illegal act to stand on their platform. Considering the left-wing bias among the tech giants, Torres' campaign will probably stay up.

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Just a few weeks ago, The Goldwater reported on a GoFundMe page that was launched to fund Trump's border wall out of the citizen's own pockets. That campaign is currently sitting at $18,155,994 of its $1.0B goal, so the chances are slim that the wall will be paid for through crowdfunding. When you go to Torres' GoFundMe to tunnel under the border wall, it has only raised $3,406 of its $150 million goal, yet it is listed as "trending" on the website.

Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Not only is GoFundMe allowing a crowdfunding campaign to conduct an illegal activity that compromises American security, but they are also openly promoting it with their manipulated "trending" feature. Torres attempts to claim that the money is actually for the ACLU despite his campaign's title being, "Support Tunnels Under Trump's Wall." Torres writes:

"actually I’d donate to ACLU."

"Let’s help these kids and parents be together and spend time with family, and not in detention centers...."

Rigo Torres | GoFundMe

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Torres' attempt to undermine American security, or trick donators, I'm not sure which he is more guilty of, comes on the eighth day of a partial federal government shutdown. Portions of the U.S. federal government shut down last Saturday after Trump announced the government would remain shut down until the $5 billion required to finish the southern border wall fully.

Legislation that would secure the wall's funding was passed in the House but failed to pass in the Senate due to the obstruction from the Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi and Check Schumer. The shutdown followed a tense debate that was aired to the public in the White House between Trump, Pence, Pelosi, and Schumer over the border wall funding.

President Trump has pledged not to sign any government spending measures until sufficient funding has been allotted to securing the country's southern border. It's time for Democrat politicians to do their jobs and put the American people first, not the illegals who they depend on for votes that are flooding into the country by the millions. In California alone, 70% of illegal immigrants are on welfare. Naturally, those illegal citizens want to keep getting hardworking American taxpayers' money so they will continue to vote Democrat as long as they keep being let in illegally and even getting paid to do so.

End this insanity. Fund the border wall!

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