By: Steve Dellar | 12-30-2018 | News
Photo credit: Twitter @DjNewSouthAfric

South Africa – New Cape Town Tension As ‘Black Visitors Cleared From Beach’

Old ‘apartheid’ wounds are being reopened in South Africa with an incident that could lead to renewed racial tension again between blacks and whites.

Earlier this week, the luxurious area around Clifton Beach saw a security firm (hired by local residents) asks people to ‘leave the public beach’ after 8pm in order to ensure security. However, the mostly black visitors to the public beach claim that the mostly rich people living in villas and apartments near the beach had hired the security personnel who were targeting blacks so they could have the beach to themselves.

"These private security guards... are actually briefed not to allow black people who appear to look like they are from the townships on to the beach," local activist Chumani Maxwele declared.

In responses, a group of youngsters then organized a protest on Clifton’s 4th beach, one of the most picturesque places in Cape Town, and slaughtered a sheep to ‘ban racism.’

Cape Town Mayor Dan Plato: “I’m very disappointed in what happened because there are too many conflicting stories. We don’t know the truth and people don’t want to do the investigation first; they want me to take immediate sides. In my capacity as Executive Mayor of Cape Town, there’s no way that I’ll be forced to take sides.”

The mayor added that the security firm "had no authority to ask anyone to leave Clifton beach."

"We will not allow any private organisations to limit access to our public spaces."

Deputy Police Minister Bongani Mkongi, having heard the many complaints from voters gathered under the hashtag #reclaimclifton vowed to "go hard on the security company".

"This is a property of the state, property of the people and therefore we don't need security companies here."

South Africa lived under the ‘apartheid’ regime which separated blacks from whites until the early 1990s when President Nelson Mandela was elected as the country’s first black president.


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5 Comment/s
Anonymous No. 93419 2018-12-30 : 09:15

You know who are opening wounds in South Africa? The people murdering all the white farmers for their land....

Anonymous No. 93420 2018-12-30 : 09:43

I would have a "for sale" sign up by morning. Or better yet, an internet listing. I wouldn't want to alarm the neighbors. Eventually that property will be worthless.

tab No. 93434 2018-12-30 : 15:12

---and slaughtered a sheep to ‘ban racism.’---


Kenneth Colakovic No. 93759 2019-02-06 : 22:52

American anti-apartheid activist Stanford University student Amy Biehl went to a black township and was :"welcomed by the inhabitants of Soweto" and the rest is history

Anonymous No. 93962 2019-03-22 : 14:03

A clear sign and statement, "Resistance is futile, we also come away with murder, We do not care what the truth is, we murder every way that does not fit us in the junk and who is against us tomorrow can be the next goal so be muzzled and join in, otherwise it will pop. "
If justice loses, humanity loses who we want justice, we have to see a court watch on TV. We lost a long time ago, we just have to admit it. We are your herd Your cattle grazing in your pastures and life, now and then part of the herd is led to the slaughterhouse or the cattle are driven on another pasture ground and mixed with the herd there.

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