By: Steve Dellar | 12-30-2018 | News

MN – White Bear Mourns Girl Student (21) Brutally Murdered In Holland (Video)

White Bear Township, Minnesota, saw the burial of young Sarah Papenheim, the US student who was stabbed to death in her apartment in Rotterdam, Holland, earlier this month.

Friends of the 21-year-old Miss Papenheim will pay tribute to her at the beginning of next year during a musical evening.

She was found seriously wounded Wednesday 12 December in the student complex in Rotterdam-Kralingen where she lived. She died shortly after arriving in hospital.

Professional drummer

The suspected perpetrator, 23-year-old Joël Schelling, was arrested not long after the stabbing at the station in Eindhoven. He lived in the same complex and the two knew each other.

Papenheim was concerned about her roommate in the days leading to her death and intended to contact authorities. She had written on Facebook messenger a week prior to her death: “My roommate told me hes gonna kill 3 people. So im gonna have to go to the police.”

Miss Papenheim studied psychology in Rotterdam and focused among other things on suicidal behavior. Her brother committed suicide three years ago.

As a professional drummer she was well-known in the music community in her home state. "If she played, it was just 'wow, that girl can really play,'" said Mr Adam Pryor, one of her musical friends, "almost everyone in the Minneapolis-St.Paul blues scene knew exactly who Sarah was."

“She was just the most special person, whether it was music or her intelligence or her smile. Everything about her was just truly off the charts. There’s really no one like her. She’s one of a kind.”

Musical tribute

On 6 January, friends and musicians organize a memorial evening for Papenheim at the Cabooze music club in Minneapolis. In addition, drummer Jellybean Johnson will perform. Johnson worked with many famous musicians including Janet Jackson and was Papenheim's mentor.

The proceeds from ticket sales go to a memorial fund for the murdered student.

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Kenneth Colakovic No. 93593 2019-01-06 : 20:27

what a Greek tragedy of Biblical proportions! Coming from Little House On The Prairie to The Netherlands was an adjustmant for me during a brief stay be aware that Amsterdam has more than just a disney world watch for red flags that come towards you like a freight train dont accept being patronized by total strangers stick with the group never seperate follow simple rules that you dont be a casualty of travel never trust anyone follow USA State Department travel advisory to a t read Lonely Planet books for guidance if you are a young novice at traveling abroad dont be a Louise Jespersen

GLORIAPOOLE RN OF/IN MISSOURI No. 93697 2019-01-25 : 01:35

The true perpetrator of this crime was my 2nd exhusband Dana Ben Pappas/Papas of/in Denver, Colorado.

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