By: Steve Dellar | 12-30-2018 | News
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Putin Sends New Year Greetings To Trump, Says Moscow ‘Ready For Dialogue’

Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to strengthen the dialogue with the US next year. Russia is open to extensive talks, stressed the Kremlin leader in his New Year's wishes to US President Donald Trump. "Relationships are an important factor in strategic stability and international security," said Putin today in his holiday wishes.

Relations between Moscow and Washington have been bad for years. In addition to the ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and Syria in which both countries have conflicting interests, the mood has mainly been ruined by accusations that Russia intervened in the US 2016 election campaign. The 30-year treaty between Russia and the United States also threatens to be terminated on the ban on nuclear medium-long weapons.

Presidents Putin and Trump met for bilateral talks last summer in Helsinki, Finland. At the end of November, Trump abruptly canceled a planned meeting with Putin in the margins of a G20 summit in Argentina. President Trump claimed that the shelling and confiscation of Ukrainian navy ships by the Russian coast guard in the Sea of Azov was enough reason for him to cancel the planned meeting with Putin. Any further meetings have not been planned so far.

In a separate letter addressed to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Russian President Putin promised a continuation of aid to the Syrian government and its people in their "fight against terrorism, in defense of state sovereignty and territorial integrity."

Putin also sent New Year's wishes to other world leaders, including Prime Ministers Theresa May of Great Britain and Shinzo Abe of Japan, as well as to Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The White House has not responded to Mr Putin’s holiday wishes yet.

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tab No. 93436 2018-12-30 : 15:17

Mueller, a 9/11 psychopath scuttled the last meeting between Putin and Trump and Trump was too much of a WIMP to tell the American people THE TRUTH about the warmonger deep-state controlling the USA.

Anonymous No. 93452 2018-12-31 : 00:50


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