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Eiffel Tower Shrouded by Smoke as Paris Burns

During the ‘yellow vests’ protests, the streets of Paris have been set on fire.

The Eiffel Tower is shrouded in a cloud of thick black smoke after riot police fired tear gas at the crowds earlier today.

Protesters set cars on fire and left them to burn in the streets of the capital city.

This is the seventh week of a demonstration against the French government's tax policies.

Credit: DailyMail
Shocking images show the iconic Eiffel Tower masked by a covering of smoke.

Credit: DailyMail
Protesters set cars on fire.

Earlier today riot police fired tear gas at the yellow vest demonstrators in Paris, after the protesters from the grassroots movement turned out to resume their standoff with authorities.

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Images show cars engulfed by burning flames sit abandoned on the roadside

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More shocking photos

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Cars were left to burn in the streets of Paris

Several hundred people wearing the symbolic hi-visibility vests had gathered near the offices of France Televisions and the BFM TV channel in the center of the capital shouting 'Fake news' and calling for the resignation of President Emmanuel Macron.

Protesters lobbed projectiles at police who replied with tear gas grenades and detained several people.

Tear gas was fired in Nantes, western France as well.

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Yellow vest demonstrators clashed with riot police

Credit: DailyMail
French police clash with protesters during a yellow vest demonstration in Toulouse, southern France

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French gendarmes stand in a cloud of tear gas during a demonstration of yellow vests protesters

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A protester wearing a yellow vest and a gas mask tries to kick a French riot police officer during a demonstration

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Photo of Protesters

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Protesters run away from a burning Christmas tree in Paris

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Gendarmes spray tear gas at protesters on the Champs-Elysees Avenue in Paris

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A protestor runs next to burning trash

Police said that 900 protesters turned out today; In the southern city of Marseille.

The government recorded 38,600 demonstrators on December 22 compared to 282,000 for the first major demonstrations on November 17.

The protests range from anger over fuel taxes to a broad rebuke of Macron, accused by critics of neglecting the rising costs of living for many in rural and small-town France.

Priscilla Ludosky, who launched the yellow vest petition against fuel price hikes, said: 'We want to get our purchasing power back and have a say in the decisions.'

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Protesters walk up the stairs as tear gas is fired near the Passy area in Paris as blue flares stream down the steps.

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Gendarmes detain a man on the Trocadero esplanade in Paris.

Credit: DailyMail
Demonstrators wearing their yellow vests.

Credit: DailyMail
French police officers arrest a man in central Paris

Credit: DailyMail
French riot police officers detain protesters

Credit: DailyMail
Protesters scuffle with gendarmes

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A protester walks in a cloud of tear gas as white and blue smoke swarms around him in the background

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Protesters run away as police launch tear gas canisters in Nantes.

Government tax concessions to boost disposable income among the low paid 'are not enough', Ludosky said.

Die-hard yellow vest supporters believe the movement will live on in 2019 and plans are underway for New Year's Eve.

Nearly 8,000 people are listed on Facebook as intending to attend.

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A protester throws a projectile during a yellow vest anti-government demonstration

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Protesters standing in a cloud of tear gas

Credit: DailyMail
A demonstrator holds a placard reading RIC, the acronym for 'Citizens initiated Referendum'

Credit: DailyMail
Protesters sit in the street on the Champs-Elysees Avenue in Paris

Credit: DailyMail
Protesters push through a gendarmes roadblock on the Bir-Hakeim bridge

Credit: DailyMail
Protesters wearing yellow vests face down French anti-riot police officers

Credit: DailyMail
People wearing yellow vests climb a wall as they take part in a demonstration.

Tear gas, a water cannon, and baton charges were used by riot police.

At the start of December 89,000 riot police with 750 arrests in one weekend in the capital alone.

Around 126,000 'yellow vests' - named after the fluorescent jackets they wear - were counted by the Interior Ministry during the biggest demonstrations.

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Yellow vest protesters clash with riot police armed with shields and batons.

Credit: DailyMail
Anti-government demonstrators set fire to garbage bins and other items in the center of a street

Credit: DailyMail
Protesters push through a gendarmes roadblock

Credit: DailyMail
Crowds wearing yellow vests and holding banners took part in a demonstration

Credit: DailyMail
A yellow vest anti-government demonstrator gestures towards French police in the northern French city of Lille

Credit: DailyMail
Mounted police patrol on the Champs-Elysees Avenue in Paris

Credit: DailyMail
Protesters in Paris stand in front of police officers during a demonstration against the rising costs of living they blame on high taxes

The movement started on November 17th as a protest over fuel taxes, and is named after the fluorescent protective gear French motorists must keep in their cars.

A mob of yellow vest protesters tried to storm the holiday home of President Emmanuel Macron, yesterday.

Credit: DailyMail
A protester argues with a police officer in Paris today.

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Anonymous No. 93459 2018-12-31 : 04:58

none of your buisso piss of you one eye.

Anonymous No. 93460 2018-12-31 : 05:23

I think the new world order is death to all people.
Fight for your freedom and know we are watching and support the fight to gain your freedom back.

Jo No. 93461 2018-12-31 : 05:27

I guess people all around the world are fed up with BS taxes that only enrich the Government.

Anonymous No. 93465 2018-12-31 : 08:48

Macron is more like the “lowly piss boy” anymore

Anonymous No. 93476 2018-12-31 : 13:31

What a shame... All bc there are no morals left among the greedy

Michael M. No. 93486 2018-12-31 : 17:32

Everything is related to Q and it's quite obvious that Macron is cabal!

Rock Solid reporting No. 93492 2018-12-31 : 18:03

People don’t realize Macron is one of the worst.... used to work for A Rothschild bank. NWO is being fought back.... at the same time Antifa backed SOROS thugs. These idiots are burning their own city.... which is so moronic. Letting Hard core Sharia immigrants in obviously doesn’t help. Macron and Merckel are destroying Europe with their moronic Globalists agenda meant to take out people who just want to live in peace.

Stealth3% No. 93505 2019-01-01 : 00:58

I think these people need to arm themselves somewhow from their cowardly government. Macron was fraudulently elected, the people never wanted him and now they’re fed-up. He was raised by the Cabal (his ‘old’ wife is his handler) to help bring down Western Civilization’s way of life. The Satanic Cabal is controlling most of Europe. Find a way to fight back in a stealthy way. Paint your faces in anti-facial-recognition manner, wear gas masks, disable their control. Be smart about it & protect your families.

Shirley Westcott No. 93529 2019-01-01 : 19:41

I pray that when its over the reminents of this beautiful city can be reconstructed and it won’t have been in vain. People behave this way unless they are desperate.

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