By: Courtney Tubbs | 12-31-2018 | News
Photo credit: @abbypetelin on Twitter

Racist Man to Teen Girls: “Your Pussies Smell Like Sewage," "Kill Yourself" Because They're White

A now-viral video coming out of a New York Subway has stoked outrage, after an innocent White teenager and her friends were threatened by a vicious Anti-White thug, who appears to be a pervert, all aboard a subway screaming for them to “Kill Yourself,” all for being White.

The video can be seen below:

The suspect's identity remains unknown, as the girls have not contacted law enforcement as of the time of this writing.

Credit: Abby on Twitter

The Goldwater exclusively spoke to one of the victims, who tweeted the video footage of the incident.

“Abby” says she's not trying to make a political statement, and that the incident was not at all expected.

Credit: Abby on Twitter

The perverted man, who Abby says appeared to be in his later 30s, also sexually harassed the girls, who are all either 18-years-old or nearly so, according to Abby.

“He started telling us to kill ourselves,” Abby said, clearly shocked by the man's behavior.

That's when he told the teenage girls “they wish they had color,” and that “your pussies smell like sewage.”

“Pussy” is a degrading, dirty, and outright derogatory use of language which is intended as slang for vagina.

Credit: Abby on Twitter

Noting the fact that the man is clearly older than the young girls, who some of them may be 18-years-old and he's in his 30s is a surefire sign this man has poor intentions and may have actually committed a crime.

Another one of the girls, who goes by the name "Kayla," says she witnessed the events transpire.

"Yeah, I was on the subway with her," Kayla says.

Credit: Kayla on Twitter

"He was clearly on drugs," Kayla added.

I asked which subway the girls were on, and when the harassment began. Kayla says the girls were on their way to Penn Station somewhere between 8:30 PM to 9 PM as the man began the give them grief.

Thankfully, the situation was able to contain itself and the girls were able to leave the station before it escalated to further danger.

Kayla says that the girls had initially thought it was funny before the man began to blow things out of proportion.

“He rapped for us and we were sort of ignoring it…,” Abby said. I asked if she meant “freestyling,” a sort-of unprepared “rap” music style where a would-be vocalist rhymes his words for an audience.

This is often the case when caught off guard, the victims think the attacker may be joking, but things can quickly turn violent. Especially for teenage girls, like these.

Each of the young girls was subjected to the man's sexual harassment without ever attempting to ask for it, completely unprovoked. This is a crime, and If any of the girls are underage, it becomes a major crime.

As of now, no law enforcement involvement has occurred.

The issue is that Abby and her friends felt uncomfortable, as the man approached them “rapping,” trying to get the girls’ attention.

Apparently, they weren't interested in his attention-seeking efforts, Abby says. At that time the women boarded subway and began to get comfortable, or so they had thought.

When they sat down, they would be in complete shock as an angry, and seemingly delusional patron of the subway began to hurl racial epithets.

I asked, “...did the man say it was because you were White?”

Credit: Abby Petelon on Twitter

“Yes, he explained it as we are a waste of space and human life because we are White,” Abby responded.

After taking some of the abuse, the girls wisely began to film the incident, as they would have documented evidence that the man was an unwanted threat, clearly.

The racist, arrogant, Anti-White thug was then filmed by the woman and her friends, as they cruised along inside the passenger car New York subway lines, just wanting to enjoy their trip.

The response on social media was incredible, with an outpouring of random users apologizing for what Abby and her friends had to endure.

We see so very little coverage of hate crimes against Whites, despite statistics showing that Whites are more likely to be a victim of racially-motivated hate crimes in 2018.

“In the subway for the first time in forever and I’m sat in front of a man continuously telling me and my friends to kill ourselves because we are white,” Abby tweeted.

At some point afterward is when the video begins, the man harassed the girls, telling them they're “Nothing, just wastes of space,” that they're “untalented,” and to “seriously kill yourselves, commit suicide.”

Some of the responses on social media seem to believe the individual was intoxicated, and the girls suggested this was a possibility but couldn't confirm whether this were the case.

Stumbling about with his body, slurring his words and the slang use could imply this to be the case. Regardless, these young women were victimized for doing nothing wrong.

At one point in the video the suspect begins to eat a burger, dazed and confused as he rambles endlessly saying the girl's are worthless.

The Anti-White bigot can be seen verbally harassing the young women for no apparent reason, with the victim taking to Twitter to tell social media with the footage. She was verbally assaulted over her White skin tone, and this was undoubtedly a racially-motivated hate crime.

The video was apparently taken Sunday evening, claimed one of the victims on Twitter, where "Abby" and her friends were simply going about their business as the clearly racially-motivated hate crime transpired.

We're currently uncertain as to the details of which Subway line the harassment began on, but no doubt this type of Anti-White hatred is becoming more prevalent across the United States of America.

While Abby made clear she's not trying to make a political statement, this type of threat from men against women is a surefire reason why many females are obtaining a gun permit, if not a concealed carry.

Threats like this exist in everyday life, and it places like New York the chance is even greater. Fortunately for Abby and her friends, they escaped unscathed physically.

There's no doubt the girls are emotionally shocked, however, where this is a trip they'll not soon forget.

I stand in solidarity with the victims of anti-White racism, as this is another reason that a White Civil Rights movement is desperately needed in America.

There is no excuse for any person to be treated like this.


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Fear Not No. 93464 2018-12-31 : 08:12

Because of the multiplication of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold. And because lawlessness is to be multiplied, the love of the many will grow cold. "Because lawlessness is increased, most people's love will grow cold. And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

NN2N No. 93469 2018-12-31 : 11:37

Truly upsetting unacceptable.
But yet another example of the Racist Democrat-Socialist North has become in the last 50 years.

It seems up North in NYC they have no backbone and have Ostrich Genes. Because they stick their heads in a newspaper and pretend nothing is happening around them.

Here in GA. and yes the South in general, these type of Racist Gutter comments would be met by a lot of people (white and black) telling this septic tank floater to shut the hell up upon hearing it.

I guess it is a Northern thing to sit down shut up allow innocent persons to be threaten and sometimes beaten or killed.
All to avoid getting involved and helping others.

Question: Why is it the Media continues to paint the South as the Racist, when there is clearly more seen, documented and reported up North.

Hell the North is the HQ locations for American National Socialists (Nazi's) , the Democrat started and once called KKK, Rev. Wright types and too many other for me and my family to live around be quite.

I guess the South has grown up and the North has a lot of growing up still to do.

Anonymous No. 93509 2019-01-01 : 09:03

I interviewed Abby last night about this story, and told her about The Goldwater's qustionable reputation, and all about Courtney Chubby Tubb's anti-semitic hate speech. Abby said she regrets speaking with anyone from The Goldwater, and says The Goldwater's hate speech and Anti-Semitism is the exact type of bigotry and ignorance that she dealt with on the Subway.

Anonymous No. 93510 2019-01-01 : 09:04

Typical Courtney hyporbole. He never threatened them at all.

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