By: Steve Dellar | 01-01-2019 | News
Photo credit: Twitter @AlgemeenDagblad

Holland – Amsterdam Airport Closed As Canadian Makes Bomb Threat (Video)

The biggest airport in Holland, known as Schiphol in Amsterdam, was temporarily closed on New Year’s Eve after a 51-year-old Canadian threatened to blow up a bomb. The main is said to have carried a knife while shouting his threats towards passengers in departure hall 3 of the national airport.

That part of Schiphol Airport was then cleared between seven and eight o'clock. The situation at Schiphol is now under control and the suspect has been overpowered by police forces.

The accused suspect is said to be a 51-year-old Canadian, but his name has not been released. No explosives were found. He is locked up until further notice.

Police declared there luckily were no victims. It’s official statement on twitter read: “Terminal 3 and direct perimeter evacuated.’’

The airport director claimed that the time between clearing and re-opening the airport terminal took less than two hours.

Several commenters on social media claim that the man made Islamist threats but police has not confirmed this. It comes some 10 days after neighbouring Germany gave a countrywide terror alert for its airports.

A video circulating on Dutch social media shows police having overpowered a man who is lying on the ground.

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Witnesses said that passengers were running away as the man made his threats. A large number of fire trucks, ambulances and police cars could be seen heading to terminal 3 shortly after. Images taken at the airport afterwards show heavily armed police shutting off part of the airport with red and white ribbons.

The police claimed that the alarm went off around 7pm in the evening and the situation was once again under control at around 9pm.

The event takes place in the same week when Rotterdam police arrested 4 for terrorist attacks planned on New Year’s eve.


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