By: Savannah Smith | 01-01-2019 | News
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CNN’s Anderson Cooper Gets Drunk On Air, Embarrasses Himself and His Mom

Was it just a matter of too much New Year’s celebration cheers getting into liberal CNN anchor and host Anderson Cooper? Or was he so bored with his job, or himself, that he turned to drinking one too many shots of tequila during his network’s New Year’s Eve coverage on Monday night, leading to what appeared to be some embarrassing drunk moments from him on air?

So bizarre were Cooper’s antics and the garbage he churned out live on air including horribly sharing to actress Faye Dunaway at one point his mother’s sex life.

The known Dem-loving TV host must have exceeded his normal capacity for hard drink shots that he found it difficult to keep a coherent front while the cameras are rolling and they’re still on air. At one point, Cooper started making obnoxious sounds as he even complained about the alcohol he just greedily consumed.

Cooper went: “Ah! Gaw! Ah! Aw! It’s like burning your lungs! Aw!” As if he was not making enough fool of himself, Cooper even made some awkward, terrible hissing sounds.

Cooper also dragged even his own mother in his embarrassing behavior. While talking with Dunaway about well-known men she had the pleasure of working with, without being prompted, Cooper volunteered his own mom’s sex life, as he shared that she once “hooked up with” Marlon Brando.

The liberal card-carrying host shared way too much when he said about his mom: “She and Carol Matthau both watched the movie and both made a deal they were going to ‘meet up’. Carol got it first and then set it up for my mom. It was a ‘one night date.’”

Viewers and social media users are having a field day reacting about what they saw of Cooper humiliating himself.


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Fredward No. 93528 2019-01-01 : 19:39

Maybe this is a good omen.

Angela No. 93535 2019-01-01 : 22:14

Oh how the mighty (in his own mind) have fallen. What is CNN going to do. Turn a blind eye because he's gay and a Democrat? Let's see what they do, just because it's the right thing to do not because of who he is...

Anonymous No. 93543 2019-01-02 : 06:22

He went down like a quadraplegic hooker

Anonymous No. 93545 2019-01-02 : 10:51

He embarrassed himself and his mom many years ago when he accepted employment at CNN.

Meme No. 93553 2019-01-02 : 16:03

He has to have a conscious and morals first to have embarrassed himself and the communist news network. Totally impossible for both

Anderscum Pooper No. 93556 2019-01-02 : 16:24

In my defense, I was eager to get home and have 25 black men destroy my balloon knot.

Anonymous No. 93561 2019-01-03 : 03:18


Anonymous No. 93573 2019-01-04 : 02:35

We know he pissed on himself, but considering the lack of tonicity of his anal sphincter I'd bet his boyfriends leavings were running down his legs as well

Woot No. 93576 2019-01-04 : 04:09

Queers being queers. Never normal, always deviant.

Kenneth Colakovic No. 93758 2019-02-06 : 22:26

a perfect example of Vanderbuilt family descent into total degeneracy a wealthy family who owned slaves with that guilt and self-loathing he uses psychological projection onto his audience

Gary No. 95675 2021-07-18 : 00:54

What a douche - feels like he needs to say, "...not if you're driving..." because we all follow the idiots' on tv lifestyle instructions.

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