By: Phil | 07-06-2021 | The Purge, Opinion, Studio
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The Real Extremists of Silicon Valley

Facebook is rolling out a new warning message regarding online extremism. They are in essence streamlining a system where people can turn in their coworkers, neighbors, friends, family members and acquaintances. Considering the internet's roots in ARPAnet counterinsurgency program this shouldn't be too surprising. It is hard to even calculate the immense power that these silicon valley firms wield by controlling the flow of information and continuing to build ever more complete profiles of we the people.

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Safetyingrey No. 95679 2021-07-20 : 13:57

This is not a surprise at all. FB, YouTube, Google, Instagram, Amazon, etc., even the internet are government operations from Darpa/CIA/DOD. By controlling the major information outlets (print and online) and suppressing factual information about their corruption, abuse, genocide, assassinations & other crimes, they can flood the public with their lies, brainwashing them into compliance.

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