By: Major Burdock | 06-22-2021 | Opinion, Studio
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The More We Look into Election Fraud, The Worse it Gets

How is the nation going to handle the mountain of indisputable evidence proving massive election fraud took place in the 2020 election? Will the media continue to behave like insolent children? Will there be a Lab-Leak moment or war?

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2 Comment/s
Anonymous No. 95645 2021-06-23 : 16:42

lol @ "insurmountable evidence" hahaha YOU PATHETIC LITTLE BALDING MIDGET....

always BEGGING for money.
that's how you got "hired" by Jim...

"Major" Burdock, sex offender, child molester, alcoholic drug addict, and 'not-so-secretive' closet Homosexual

Anonymous No. 95646 2021-06-23 : 16:46

Major Burdock, when you molested the two little brothers back in 2014, did you perform oral on them, or did you manipulate them into performing oral on you ?...

I'm guessing both...

Maybe one day soon, you'll finally be extradited back to America, and finally go to trial.

Philip told me that he thinks you'll take a plea bargain instead of going through the trial process.

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