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To Get Away With Murder In LA: Another Dead Man In Ed Buck's House

There are those in this world with great power who enjoy preying on those with no power. Maybe its something about the disparity involved that "gets them off," but whatever the root causes, it's a story that plays out time and time again.

Ed Buck is a multimillionaire and influential DNC political donor. He's been photographed aside such powerful people as Hillary Clinton and noted as a powerful influence peddler.

According to the website, Buck had donated multiple times to several Congressional candidates, PACs and committees. Barack Obama, Kyrsten Sinema, Hillary Clinton, Barney Frank and many other individual politicians, PACs and the DNC itself. His donations over the past ten years or so ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand in each case total over $100,000 in all.

With kingmakers of Buck's caliber, the phrase "could get away with murder" comes to mind. In the case of Buck, this may just be the case. It's possible that he's about to do just that for the second time.

Last July prosecutors declined to file charges against Buck in relation to Gemmel Moore's fatal overdose in his West Hollywood home, citing insufficient evidence. Gemmel was only 26.

According to the court records, there was also a search and seizure that was deemed inadmissible, but it wasn't clear exactly what was discovered at that time.

Buck's apartment was "littered with drug paraphernalia" when Gemmel's body was found by paramedics, according to the LA Times. Moore was naked on a mattress in the living room according to the coroner's report.

Moore had a notebook which mentioned using drugs with someone whose name is redacted in the coroner's report.

“Ed Buck is the one to thank,” Moore appears to have written. “He gave me my first injection of chrystal [sic] meth.” In another of Moore's journal entries, he admits he "ended up back at Buck [sic] house again and got munipulated [sic] into slamming again."

In that case, the death was ruled accidental overdose. For now the death of Timothy Dean has not been ruled on. Readers who remember the story of the powerful Hollywood producer, "Master" Skip Chasey, whose play partner died due to misadventure involving a saran wrap mummification and GHB may remember that in that case despite the drugs in Doran George's system, coroners ruled out foul play or even accidental manslaughter/death by misadventure.

Magic Castles And Misadventure: Big Hollywood’s Potentially Lethal BDSM Scene

In the case of Moore, his mother LaTisha Nixon said he had been using drugs and worked as an escort. He was apparently homeless shortly before his death as well.

Los Angeles' LGBT Center is calling for a full investigation and to "aggressively seek justice wherever the investigation may lead."

“It is suspicious that this has happened twice now, so we’re going to conduct a thorough investigation to determine if it is criminal in nature,” Lt. Derrick Alfred told local station KTLA-TV.

“Most recently, a young man, he flew in from Minnesota and sent me his plane ticket showing me that Ed Buck had flew him in and that he had partied and played with Ed Buck," Jasmyne Cannick said on a Facebook video.

Attorney Seymour I. Amster told reporters Buck is innocent and is not responsible for either man's death and does not expect charges to be pressed while emphasizing that Buck is cooperating with authorities in the investigation.

From William Randolph Hearst on though, getting away with murder, for some, is an old, if not proud, tradition. The sad fact is, we live in a country that practices a stringent form of capital punishment. If you don't have the capital you're bound to get punished.

The DuPont heir billionaire who raped his three-year-old daughter ended up on house arrest. Same situation for billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein who allegedly pimped out young girls to the likes of the Clintons, Prince Andrew, Alan Dershowitz and numerous other political and celebrity royalty as well as literal royalty.

Apparently, it's no huge secret in the LA gay scene that Ed Buck enjoys injecting black men with drugs and is known for picking up black men for "fetish" sex sessions that are often photographed.

Jermaine Gagnon shared pictures of Buck from one of their times together with Daily Mail. Gagnon says he received around $200-250 to spend the night with Buck. He describes Buck house as having been full of sex and fetish toys. He also feels that a drink that was offered to him may have been spiked saying he felt "woozy" afterwards.

Gagnon's phone was taken away, but he later secretly recorded Buck after being injected with drugs. Buck refused to talk about the drugs and asked if he was being taped. Gagnon feels that he only narrowly escaped death.

Buck offered him money for sex again in September of last year, shortly after the death of Gemmel Moore. He tried to ask him about the incident on the phone but Buck would change the subject.

On the third occasion he visited Buck at his West Hollywood residence. Once again he was offered a drink of some Gatorade, after which he felt incapacitated and could barely keep his eyes open. He alleges Buck told him he was "not high enough for me" and wanted him to "do another point."

Combining GHB (a club drug sometimes employed as a date rape drug) with stimulants is especially dangerous. GHB slows heartbeat and respiration, exacerbating the danger of using methamphetamines by any route and increasing the likelihood of possible complications.

In research published July, 2004 in the journal Forensic Science International, it's pointed out how difficult it is to detect GHB intoxication as a cause of death postmortem. Since GHB is an endogenous compound that is regularly found in the urine and blood of the general population, "it is essential to document the case with other specimens, including peripheral blood and vitreous humor" to determine the presence of GHB that could have been one of the causes of death.

Also damning is the fact that, according to the New York Times, Dean's roommate apart from a few drinks he was never known to use drugs of any sort.

Perhaps Buck's big mistake was moving away from using young, homeless escorts to play with. After Gemmel Moore died several witnesses came forward to give details regarding Buck's behavior, specifically how he "uses the internet to stalk and prey on young, Black gay men who are usually homeless, HIV-positive, and often works as male escorts."

Dean on the other hand was not homeless and destitute. He was a fashion stylist who worked at Sak's Fifth Avenue and not known to use drugs at all. With people coming forward to share more stories about Buck, Moore's damning journal entries and the inconsistencies related to the Thomas Dean case, it will be interesting to see how Buck tries to squirm his way out of this one.

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