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Once Upon A Christmas Now Available for Audio Book and Paper Back

Once Upon a Christmas is a romance book, that will take your mind and heart into a new journey of reviving once belief of the existence of true love. A love story written by fate, filled with events, led with courage, uniting two lonely hearts. So, get yourself a cup of hot chocolate, sit down and listen to a story that will change your ideas and belief about fate and love.

Once upon a Christmas is a book by Dawn Brower, Kismet Bay a town founded by the ancestors of Holy strange ‘s family over 200 years ago. A town that meant to lead stranger's family to their one true love. Every year Christmas brings the magic. Holly stopped believing she’d find love but fate changed everything and turned her life upside down. It was on a Christmas day where she ran into Nicholas Bell outside a coffee shop. It was then she believed of finding her true love and heart desire.

This story may be deemed seasonal, but I hope you could give us a listen. What are you waiting for? get your audiobook copy now!

Once Upon A Christmas

Click the link above if you wanna purchase this audiobook.

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