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Reports of Lyndon LaRouche's Death Swirl the Internet

No word yet for certain, but despite lack of confirmation, rumors are circulating at Twitter and a few other sites like Boing Boing and Daily Kos that Lyndon LaRouche is dead. In case you're not familiar with LaRouche, he is a long time opponent of the "New World Order" system.

Depending on who you ask, you'll get different answers as to who he was. Cult leader, conspiracist, crackpot or a genius, leader and whistleblower. One thing is for sure, thanks to CIA's CREST database, we can see that the security state was interested enough in what Lyndon and Co. were into that they archived issues of his Executive Intelligence Review publication for posterity.

Whatever you think of the man, he certainly made an impact on popular culture. My first introduction to the name Lyndon LaRouche came from a Simpson's comic book in the early '90s, but he was also mentioned a couple of other times in seasons 7 and 8 of the cartoon series. SNL also lampooned LaRouche and later Futurama as well.

Considering some of the wild claims he continually made, regarding the British Royal Family's connection to the international drug trade and New World Order conspiracies involving the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and Trilateral Commission and other members of the "Global Elite" involved in secretly running our "shadow government" it was easy to make a mockery of the man and his ideas even when some of them had some roots in reality. The real issue was separating the kernels of truth from the disinformation and misinformation. LaRouche was even mentioned in the Steele dossier contaminating the baby's bathwater with Russian prostitutes' pee.

Zionists, secret societies, and anyone who crossed his path were likely to be labeled a stooge of the N.W.O. Shortly after 9/11 I contacted some LaRouchies and received a large box of pamphlets to hand out on campus. After reading through a bit, I too concluded that the LaRouche movement was, for the most part, a cult of personality that had some rather bizarre opinions on nearly every topic.

I came to my senses somewhat after reading about his scatological obsessions... and his projection of said fecal fixation was fully exposed to me.

"They were forced to concede that a large portion of their thinking could be reduced to a preoccupation with shit, and especially the fear of this preoccupation. Women were hit particularly viciously with this form of reductionism, even to the point of tracing their sexuality to the proximity of the anus and the vagina with only the thin strip of the perineum distinguishing the two."

All that said, this doesn't discredit any of his points about how the social revolution of the '60s was co-opted early on, the Bush family and Royals' dubious history and associations or other issues.

Regardless of what you think of the man, his movement and his 8 runs for the presidency, LaRouche definitely left his mark on the world. A colorful, if flawed figure Lyndon LaRouche is a character and of a sort that is rarely seen this day and age.

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N2N No. 93822 2019-02-14 : 10:19

LaRouche ? 96 ??? Given the names of those he pissed off over the years I am surprised he lived that long.

The Iconoclast No. 93828 2019-02-17 : 03:27

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