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Requested: Complete List of 300 New Words Added to the Latest Scrabble Dictionary

An avid Goldwater reader and Scrabble addict inquired about getting a list of the 300 new words added to the most recent Official Scrabble Player's Dictionary. We are happy to help.

Notable additions include MIXTAPE, BEATBOX, BUZZKILL, YUZU, QAJAQ, QIGONG, TE, DA, GI, PO and the controversial OK.

Here is a complete list of the new words that have been added to OSPD6:

AGYRIA: n. -S a brain disease

AIRBALL: v. -ED, -ING, -S to fail to hit the rim/backboard in basketball

AJI: n. -ES a type of chile pepper

AMPACITY: n. -S the amplitude capacity of a wire

ANAGEN: n. -S a stage of hair growth

ANSATZ: n. -ES an initial mathematical approximation

ANTIFA: n. one who is anti-fascist

AQUAFABA n pl. the remains after beans have been blanched in water

ARAHUANA: n. -S: a type of fish

ARANCINI: n. pl an Italian risotto ball




ASIAGO: n. -S a type of Italian cheese

AUDISM: n. -S discrimination against deaf people

AUDIST: n. -S one who discriminates against deaf people

AUTOSAVE: v. AUTOSAVED, AUTOSAVING, AUTOSAVED to save automatically, i.e. in a word processing document

BABESIA: n. -E, -S a parasite found in cattle

BALDIE: n. -S one who is bald

BALDY: n. -S baldie

BANDSAW: v. -ED, -ING, -S to cut with a bandsaw (a type of saw)

BARCODE: n. the code on the back of a retail product

BASEHEAD: n. -S a cocaine addict

BEATDOWN: n. -S a lopsided victory

BEHOOF n. -S a positive consequence

BESTIE: n. -S a best friend

BIBIMBAP: n. -S a popular Korean dish

BITCOIN: n. -S cryptocurrency

BITRATE: n. -S the rate of uploading or downloading

BITURBO: n. -S a plane with two turbo engines

BIZJET: n. -S a plane used for work


BLACKTIP: n. -S a type of shark

BLEAR: adj. -ER, -EST watery (eyes)

BLEWIT: n. BLEWITS, BLEWITSES a type of mushroom

BLOGGY adj. BLOGGIER, BLOGGIEST resembling a blog in format

BOKEH: n. -S a metric evaluating out-of-focus images

BOTNET: n. -S a computer system attached to malware

BUILDOUT: n. -S further development of a system

BUTCH: adj. -ER, -EST containing manly traits

CALVARIAE: n pl. the roof of the skull

CANKLE: n. -S a thick ankle


CAPICHE: int. agree?

CAPISH: int. capiche

CAPTCHA: n. -S a code used to verify one’s identity

CATAGEN: n. -S a stage of hair growth

CAVEOLA: n. -E a type of gastrula; adj. CAVEOLAR

CHHERTUM: n pl. a monetary unit of Bhutan

CHYRON: n. -S a news caption

COCURATE: v. -ED, -ING, -S to curate with another person

COINVEST: v. -ED, -ING, -S to invest with another person

CONLANG: n. -S a constructed language

COTEAU: n. -S -X the highlands

COTIJA n. pl. a type of cheese

DANGEST adj. deplorable

DHOLL: n. -S an Indian dish

DIDYMO: n. -S a type of algae

DISODIUM: adj. a chemical with two parts of sodium

DOPEHEAD: n. -S a marijuana addict

DROPDOWN: n. -S an online menu type

EELING: n. pl. the activity of catching eels

EMOJI: n. -S a computer symbol used to convey an emotion

EUSTRESS: n. -ES healthy stress

EW: int. expressing disgust

EXOME: n. -S a part of the genome

EXONEREE: n. -S one who is cleared of an accusation

EXUVIUM: n. EXUVIA the covering of an animal


FARRO: n. -S a type of grain

FENING: n. -A, -S the currency of Bosnia and Herzegovina

FIBRATE: n. -S a drug that regulates fats

FLATBROD: n. -S a Norwegian bread

FROIDEUR: n. -S a coldness or discomfort between people

FROWNY adj. FROWNIER, FROWNIEST tending to frown often

GAMIFY: v. -GAMIFIED, -GAMIFYING, -GAMIFIES to present as a game

GASLIGHT: v. -ED, -ING, -S to manipulate a partner emotionally

GHERAO: v. -ED, -ING, -ES, -S to entrap one until they’re demands are met

GRAPHENE: n. -S graphite residue

GRIZZES: n. pl. grizzly bears

HETMEN: n. pl. Cossack headmen

HIVEMIND: n. -S the collective

HYPER: adj. -ER, -EST, full of energy

IMIPENEM: n. -S an antibiotic

INEPT: adj. -ER, -EST incapable of doing a task

INTERNET: n. -S the World Wide Web


KOPIYKY: n pl. monetary units of Ukraine

KOPIYOK: n pl. monetary units of Ukraine

LEDGED: adj. having ledges, i.e. a ledged face

LEMONY: adj. LEMONIER, LEMONIEST most tasting of lemon

LEUCISM: n. -S a discoloration of the human skin or hair

LISTICLE: n. -S a piece of writing presented in list form

LONGFORM: adj. explicated

LOOGIE: n. -S a unit of emitted phlegm

LUCID: adj. LUCIDER, LUCIDEST clear and meaningful

MACARON: n. -S a cookie usually made with almond flour

METICA: n. -S a currency of Mozambique

MISFOLD: v. -ED, -ING, -S to fold incorrectly

MULLOWAY: n. -S a type of fish

NGWEE: n. -S a currency of Zambia

NIBLET: n. -S a small morsel of food

NONAVIAN adj. not a bird

NONI: n. -S an Asian tree

NONKIN: n. -S one who is unrelated by family

NONTOXIC: n. -S something that is safe to ingest

NUBBER: n. -S a slowly moving baseball

NUNCHUCK: n. -S a martial arts weapon, often found in a pair

NUTJOB: n. -S one who is crazy

NUTSO: n. -S one who is crazy

OK: adj. okay

ONBOARD: v. -ED, -ING, -S to integrate an employee into a company

OTHER: v. -ED, -ING, -S to ostracize


OVERTHIN: v. -NED, -NING, -S to make to thin, as in a batter

OWIE: n. -S a painful abrasion

PAPASAN: n. -S a type of chair

PEROGI n. -S a stuffed pie

PIZZAZZ n. flair

PIZZAZZY adj. full of flair

PLATANNA: n. -S a type of frog

PREGAME: v. -ED, -ING, -S to drink beforehand

PUGGLE: n. -S a dog that is part pug and part beagle

QAPIK: n. -S a currency of Azerbaijan

QUORATE: adj. fulfilling a quorum

RAGDOLL: n. -S a breed of cat

REAIS: n. pl. a currency of Brazil

RELISTEN: v. -ED, -ING, -S to listen again

ROOTKIT: n. -S a set of computer hacking programs

ROTELY: adv. formulaically

SANTOKU: n. -S a type of chopping knife

SCHNEID: n. -S a group of consecutive losses

SENT: n. -S a currency of Estonia

SEROMA: n. -S a pocket of fluid

SHEEPLE: n. -S a group of people who believe what they’re told

SHO: int. sure

SPUTUM: n. SPUTUMS, SPUTA a mixture of mucus and saliva

SRIRACHA: n. -S a type of Korean hot sauce

SUBSTORM: n. -S a disruption in earth’s magnetosphere

SUNSET: v. -TED, -TING, -S to end, e.g. a clause

TALLITOT n. pl. a set of Jewish prayer shawls

TELOGEN: n. -S a stage of hair growth

TEREFA: adj. unkosher

THEANINE: n. -S an amino acid

THETRI: n. -S a currency of Georgia

TOGROG: n. -S a currency of Mongolia

TREFA: adj. unkosher

TRUTHER: n. -S one who claims that others are hiding the truth

TUILE: n. -S an almond cookie

TWEENIE n. -S a between-maid

TWERK: v. -ED, -ING, -S to dance in a sexually provocative manner

UMTEENTH adj. nth

UMBELLULE: n. -S a flower cluster

UNCLONED: adj. uncopied

UNCOMELY: adj. UNCOMELIER, UNCOMELIEST not aesthetically appealing

UNCRAZY: adj. UNCRAZIER, UNCRAZIEST seemingly reasonable

UNFONDLY: adv. regretfully

UNFUSSED: adj. content and unbothered

UNGLITZY: adj. unshowy

UNMERRY: adj. UNMERRIER, UMERRIEST not merry, perturbed


UNSEE: v. UNSAW, UNSEEING, UNSEES to willfully forget something you previously witnessed

UNSEXILY: adv. in a nonsexual way

UNSHOWY: adj. UNSHOWIER, UNSHOWIEST not ostentatious


UNSUBTLE: adj. -R, -ST: apparent, obvious

UNTRENDY: adj. UNTRENDIER, UNTRENDIEST not in tune with modern culture

UNUSABLY: adj. not suited for application

UPCYCLE: v. UPCYCLED, UPCYCLING, UPCYCLES to produce things of better environmental value

URTEXT: n. -E, -S an original text

VAPE: v. VAPED, VAPING, VAPES to use a vaporizer (a tool for smoking)

VAPER: n. -S one who uses a vape

VISIBLES: n. pl. the trade value of goods (not services) between countries

WALIE: adj. stable, not wobbly

WAYBACK: n. -S the trunk end of a vehicle

WHIRRA: int. conveying sadness

WOKE adj. WOKER, WOKEST aware of injustices

WORDIE: n. -S a logophile

WUDDY: n. WUDDIES a loop end of a rope

YOWZA: int. yikes


ZEN: adj. tranquil

ZLOTE: n pl. a currency of Poland

ZLOTIES: n. pl. a currency of Poland

ZLOTYCH: n. pl. a currency of Poland

ZOMBOID: adj. of the dead

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