By: Jim Watkins | 03-26-2019 | News
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Statement Regarding The Atrocity in New Zealand

Our Condolences go out to the victims of the New Zealand shootings. So many pious folks suffered the worst of humanity because of this psychotic rage. We believe the whole world can agree that the mentally infirm should not have access to guns. Tragically, it is sometmes impossible to tell who will snap until they do. The wake of destruction left by someone who goes postal is an appalling thing.

In 1993, America saw Mark Richard Hillburn go postal. This otherwise normal man became so angry that he shot two of his fellow post office employees, his mother, and even his dog.

After that, the Post office took action and put environmental analysts on the scene so their workplace would not become a catalyst for acts of mayhem and murder out of rage on their workplace.

At no time after this terrible tragedy did the United States Postal service consider censoring the mail in order to stop announcements of terrorist or violent threats.

People have always been free to say such things. However, threats of imminent violence are not protected speech. They are criminal in nature. There is a certain dualism to this. You are free to utter reprehensible and violent speech, but you are responsible for the consequences of what you say. An announcement of an upcoming murder, giving a time and a place, or maybe even the target, is criminal. Is not protected speech. Anyone who utters such things should expect to be arrested. However, there are no Tom Cruises out there with psychic assistance to stop someone from committing a crime before they commit it.

Time will tell as to what motives and mental sicknesses Brenton Harrison Tarrant had to cause him to go postal on a group of worshiping peaceful New Zealand citizens.

We know that he was an alien in New Zealand. He was not a citizen, yet he possessed firearms and used them to kill. Aliens committing horrendous crimes are not a new occurrence. America too has had awful gun violence committed by aliens.

We also extend our condolences to the family of Kate Steinle killed by illegal alien Jose Zarate in San Francisco. These tragedies happen. It is a sad thing. Yet we can’t just shut our borders and stop people from coming to our great country. Nor can New Zealand. a country known for their independence and freedom. The murderer Brent Harrison, an alien of New Zealand, wrote a manifesto about his feelings for Islamic people. It was not found until after his murders already took place.

There was no way the police in New Zealand could have known about the imminent attack without resorting to Orwellian police tactics. I am certain law enforcement in New Zealand would never consider such things. All they had to find him was a solitary post on a bulletin board with a link to a Facebook live stream moments before his terrifying and gruesome act of senseless violence. It is not the fault of N.T.Technology for providing the medium to announce his live stream. It is not the fault of Facebook for allowing his live-action footage to stream as it happened. These are just tools that millions of people use daily.

I am sure that Facebook is fully cooperating with law enforcement to provide any pertinent data that will lead to a conviction of this killer. N.T.Technology is cooperating fully with law enforcement as well. We have been providing BBS service for twenty years and have always obeyed the law and supported efforts to apprehend violent criminals on the internet.

Vicious trolls that talk about and post of copycat crime should take not that their speech is not protected by law, or me. As far as censorship goes, I don’t know the laws or morals of the New Zealand people. I do know that like seeing the Twin Towers in New York fall on 9/11 made me nauseous, and surely this video must as well. Yet the media plays that video often, and I always have that same reaction. I don’t agree with censorship of it. Whether they do in New Zealand is completely out of my control. I understand if the government of New Zealand might censor that content. However, that is not the law in America. I hope and pray that there are no copycat shootings in New Zealand. I hope that they can look to America for guidance on how to deal with criminal alien populations.

There is no easy fix to this problem, and our sympathy and empathy for the survivors and families of the dead and injured won’t make them whole. It is such a bad hurt they have suffered. I hope these families can at least get closure with a conviction of this merciless killer.

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yyz No. 93969 2019-03-26 : 22:15

Mr. Jim Watkins - please then explain if you believe there is any real connection between the 'video' and the 'deaths'. 1) No faces, 2) 100% kill ratio at ANY distance by a non-military individual 3) no muzzle flash, 4) no 'projectiles' other than air burst. Seriously, explain.

Anonymous No. 93970 2019-03-26 : 23:17

Is Hotwheels still alive? Inquiring minds want to know.

Anonymous No. 93974 2019-03-28 : 04:39

What happened on 9/22? Is that the date the official narrative came out on 9/11?

tab No. 93986 2019-04-03 : 02:35

Brenton Tarrant IS A HERO. a good and great man who was driven to extremes because globalist filth have allowed his country and culture to be invaded and destroyed by importing millions of Muslims.

Tab No. 93988 2019-04-03 : 19:31

The Mosque was a Jihadi recruitment center AS ARE MOST. Tarrant save many white lives by attacking these religious nutcases.

Kennrth Colakovic No. 94005 2019-04-08 : 15:05

remember andriews breyers brevik case norway narrative withhold judgement anytime a tragedy unfolds look for clues look for contradictions when theNew Zealand prime minister says give up your weapons makes you wonder curious and curiouser

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