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Is Renewable Energy a Boondoggle?

Excellent article from LibertyNation...

One of the thoroughly ridiculed aspects of the Green New Deal is the notion of transitioning entirely to renewable energy by 2030. However, most people do not understand how ridiculously unrealistic it is. Renewable energy is far less viable than most understand.

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Kenneth Colakovic No. 94019 2019-04-11 : 02:21

Captain Cortez would be labeled a subversive communist who wants to destroy this nation from inside according to ancient literature The Trojan War a Trojan Horse in congress

Kenneth Colakovic No. 94024 2019-04-11 : 20:38

Captain Cortez is not going come over to destroy our Aztec Empire and take over our land to give to Spain thats a conspiracy theory!

Burdock No. 94025 2019-04-11 : 20:41

Mind if I use "Captain Cortez" on the show K.C.? Love it! Thanks for the comments. Feel free to call in and take credit. Next one is Monday night.

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