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CNN Passes Off Op-Eds for 'Analysis' - Can't Let Mother Russia Go

This is truly disturbing. Try to read this.

These people will never admit fault. They have buried themselves so deeply in their own lies and have created an ecosystem of liberal perversion in order to survive.

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Larry Robinson No. 94014 2019-04-10 : 21:09

There is no Article or at least No link to the article

Mary No. 94017 2019-04-10 : 21:45

There is no article available

Kenneth Colakovic No. 94018 2019-04-11 : 02:14

wag the dog russian subversion,deception,manipulation reads like a cold war tom clancy novel all we need is the bulwinkle shows boris and natasha to give congress sworn testimony to un-american activities

Anonymous No. 94031 2019-04-12 : 15:09

Click "this" it takes you to farce and larthing a cnn editorial still clinging to russiagate.

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