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Pelosi Demands Trump Take Down ‘Dangerous’ Vid of Ilhan Omar Disrespecting 9/11

Twitter is afire with Pelosi's latest.

Twitchy: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is calling on President Trump to take down a “dangerous” video juxtaposing Rep. Ilhan Omar’s comments about 9/11 and footage of the tragedy taking place.

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Update: Reports Trump to Capitol Police!

More on Pelosi's Call to the Sergeant at Arms

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cha cha No. 94048 2019-04-15 : 03:57

ya..well... that falls into the tough tits category gramma nan... what a demented fool they socialist democraps have put in charge of their hen house

Kenneth Colakovic No. 94073 2019-04-18 : 21:14

perhaps this publicity will get people to ask serious questions about why 3 building collapsed not just 2 building 7 collapsed with no direct hit which is lost in the 9-11 comission originally reported 4,000 people died al franken did not go to the wtc that day because he received a phone call telling him not to be in the wtc on 9-11-2001

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