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Palo Alto Woman Who Harassed Man in MAGA Hat is Reported as Missing

Rebecca Parker Mankey, the woman who confronted a 74-year-old man who was wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat inside of a Palo Alto Starbucks, has been reported as missing by authorities.

According to the Lake County Sheriff's Office, Mankey did not return to her Palo Alto home after a trip to Lake County, and is believed to be in Aberdeen, Washington.

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Sorrel No. 94098 2019-04-21 : 20:10

She has finally made the connection between actions AND consequences and is petrified! She deserves whatever happens to her ... Calling a 74 year old Jewish man a Nazi?!? Harrassing him in public because of her derangement? Not ONE shred of sympathy for the satanic work?

Eliana Daniels No. 94099 2019-04-22 : 00:19

Reminds me of Smollett’s case she is doing it to herself to get attention.

Mary No. 94100 2019-04-22 : 02:35

The world is not going to miss a liberal. They're not individuals anyway - gang mentality.

CheongYei No. 94101 2019-04-22 : 05:34

Red lipstick and shaved heads are hideous. Add the heart of a communist to the mix and you get a TRUE 'deplorable' human.

DeplorableMe No. 94110 2019-04-23 : 06:15

She got outta the kitchen cus it was getting too hot. She got outta Dodge and figured "We'll see how they like it when I'M MISSING!" This woman is something like 50. That is PLENTY old enough to own your shit and apologize when you're wrong, like a big girl. She won't be missed, no matter what happened to her. Good riddance to bad liberal rubbish! The left really needs to learn their place. Their racism, antisemitic behavior and hippocratical hate is boring us.....

Roy No. 94111 2019-04-23 : 13:12

Antifa’s poster child, won’t be missed

Kenneth Colakovic No. 94117 2019-04-24 : 17:17

"keep your MAGA hats shirts stickers in the closet"

Jay No. 94118 2019-04-24 : 21:25

I think it’s great. More of em should go missing

tab No. 94127 2019-04-27 : 15:27

i was attacked by a husband/wife crazy liberal team. they began shouting: "he's a nazi! ". yes, i am. a PROUD, Nazi.

CHARLES DUKE No. 94161 2019-05-10 : 23:11

With a face like that, I'd go missing too!

Cheetah No. 94316 2019-06-08 : 16:02

Ms Monkey was found safe at a friends house eating granola bars and saving farts in mason jars.

Anonymous No. 94409 2019-06-21 : 19:20

Wow, one guy calling out antisemitism on the left, then 3 comments down a guy claiming to be a proud Nazi conservative. You all have to be kidding, conservative culture has become purely satire at this point. You spent decades killing the American Dream, can you please just die off so we can fix it already.

CentralCaliGal No. 94462 2019-06-30 : 21:50

We'll see her soon on videos, trying to jump on Tiny and the Proud Boys & Patriots up there; she'll act all tough, get knocked on her FUGLY butt, then cry how she's been mistreated all her miserable life! Then I will laugh.

/n/ No. 94464 2019-06-30 : 23:16

Why-a no-a meat-a balls on-a /n/- a no-a Moria?

you dorty pedo-a fillapino-a Jimbo!
and yor-a son-a from-a da coreean whore-a
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==i'm {sac} of this shit and aint gonna take it no moria alonga wit Neptuna ala sea, and da just-kiss-it(he a faggot, but he-a ok-a and da olda gent, /killcen/a==

==You doity scum throw-a old senior citien out-a ina street-a?==
==I smeer-a shits-a on-a yor wallas==
'''Young master Watkins here!'''

'''Let me take my penis out, while I get hard being in control(You guys do know that this is my website, right?)'''

Quad-annual /n/ meta thread. Sage'd of course so that it doesn't interfere with normal news posting. Lay it on me in this thread, faggots. You know how this shit works.

>500 Characters

That's weird, I only remember it being 150 characters. Guess you can see how often I run into that problem.

In any case, I have seen and have taken appropriate action. Threads will be deleted instead of bumplocked in the future. Perhaps this will detract niggers who like seeing their shit smeared all over the walls too.


good No. 94496 2019-07-05 : 17:44

good hopefully shes never found

FarFarLeft No. 94645 2019-08-10 : 19:53

Ppl wring maga shit deserve to be showtd dwn 4 ther Nzi affliations and the Nzi clown n offc who strtd the whl maga thing. fk u all!

Sum1Lssfalt No. 94646 2019-08-11 : 00:15

She looks like she need to disappear under a truck.

Richard No. 95000 2020-01-15 : 07:04

Make America Great Again and Again and Again

Richard No. 95001 2020-01-15 : 07:12

And all you MAGA shirt haters go put you asses on the terrorist side front lines in Afghanistan,I'll be there putting holes in your punk ass heads

Death to the liberals No. 95072 2020-04-22 : 08:30

Fk these left winging family destroying libefal fux. Open season on all of of them!

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