By: Philip | 10-30-2020 | Weird, Studio

The Amway to Serial Killing Pipeline?!

Happy Halloween Goldwater and Tiger Network friends and family! I've got a bit of an early Halloween treat for you. Just a special serving of spookiness with Halloween right around the corner. Think about it, what are two things nearly universally feared and reviled in the world? Yup, that's right multi-level marketing and serial killers. But were you aware of the little known connection between these two scourges upon humanity? If not, tune in to this Halloween special!

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phil No. 95197 2020-10-30 : 04:21

whoops, seems I confused Karla Homolka with Myra Hindley. Bernardo/Homolka, Myra and Ian and Fred and Rosemary West are probably three of the most favorite serial killers who were also romantic couples so an easy mistake to make but just wanted to clarify that.

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