By: Major Burdock | 11-09-2020 | News
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Damage Report

Big Brother's dreams seem close to reality. Let's take a moment to survey the damage.

1) Privacy be Damned. Not even banks can be trusted with data. There's just too much money to be had by selling it. Mr. Zuckerberg, your company was founded on backstabbing, you went on to set the market for this data and obliterate public trust. Plus, people think you are an alien and anti-trust is near.

2) Safety Only if you Agree. The Washington Post, Wired, Playboy, New York Times, Vice, yadayada can point a finger at anyone,call them a racist and destroy companies and lives. You don't have to wait for psychopathic stalkers to respond to their doxxing, "reporters" will break into your home first. (ask for photos)

3) Trust Who? Facebook-funded "fact-checkers" spending hundreds of millions of dollars to have publishers grovel for green check marks is straight out of a Kafka novel. These goons are perplexed when their "Bias-check Survey" ends with "Of course we are biased. Good day" The Goldwater is proud to consistently maintain the lowest rankings ever given. (We have simultaneously earned a stellar reputation for immediately correcting and honestly addressing false information)

4) Hating America. If middle-fingering veterans and cops, burning the flag and pissing on anyone who fought for or believed in it is your idea of rebranding, you don't deserve America. Your marketing department of rioters and looters will be met with great force.

5) Free Speech Includes You. If your wife is gang-raped and bludgeoned to death in a San Francisco parking lot, you don't need Speaker Pelosi's permission to write about it. Yet, you will be left over on our side if you do, wondering who sold your First Amendment and at what price.

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