By: Phil | 11-30-2020 | PedoGate, 2020, Opinion, Studio

Pedogate Primer: Too "Dangerous" For Facebook - How I Got Unpersonned By Zuck

This is the story of how I got "unpersonned" by Facebook because of the title of my book Pedogate Primer: the politics of pedophilia. Apparently the word "pedogate" is dangerous. As dangerous as the fact that half of cases of child grooming and exploitation begin on a Zuckerberg owned network? Meh, maybe maybe not.

Is calling out the problem more dangerous than the problem? Guess it doesn't matter the silicon valley censorbot overlords have spoken....

Don't forget to check out the ("dangerous" according to Facebook) new book Pedogate Primer: the politics of pedophilia now available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited and paperback.

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Anonymous No. 95246 2020-12-01 : 22:50

LMMFAO @ fat stupid Jim not knowing how to pronounce the word PRIMER... he made a fool out of himself (and you) by mispronouncing it on YouTube

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