By: Phil | 12-17-2020 | Opinion, Studio

Tom Cruise Pulls A Pelos: Epic Rant!

Wow, I thought once you passed "clear" in Scientology you gained control to banish your "reactive mind" in order to eliminate anger and other base emotions. Apparently somebody needs to head back to the USS Freewinds for some intensives and auditing counseling.

In all seriousness, Cruise's fabulous meltdown reminds me in an odd way of another out of touch multi-millionaire Nancy Pelosi. Both see themselves as heroes "feeding, clothing and giving jobs" to those in need. In the words of John Lennon "whatever gets you through the night."

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really? No. 95276 2020-12-23 : 11:48

great job linking us to whatever rant you claim to be talking about... sure helps us get the full picture when you dont even include what rant you are talking about.

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