By: Major Burdock | 12-21-2020 | Opinion, Studio

Who is Taking Over the World?

Those of us who haven't been gas-lit know that somebody is trying to take over the world - complete control of communications, human behavior and world-wide government. The who and why requires some surmising.

Skipping to the why, we can surmise that it's not for our benefit. We know this because they are telling us this is for our own good. They know something that we can't possibly understand and we should trust them as they take away our Constitutional Rights. We will be punished if we speak of it. We will be arrested if we do not wear a flag of surrender on our faces. We will be ostracized from society if we express a personal opinion. The why is answered in simple ownership of ibid. This is not a kind group of people.

So who are they? Clearly that must be answered by following the money. Soros, Gates, Zuckerberg and their ilk are clearly financing the greatest attack Western Civilization has ever seen. Countless others in positions of power have been compromised not by money, but by timeless espionage tactics including blackmail and honeypots involving sex with children. Many others have simply been duped into thinking they are fighting for something so wonderful, breaking the law can be justified.

Commentary made on The Tiger Network ( over the weekend on this. Then we come to China.

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