By: Philip | 01-15-2021 | Opinion, Studio
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AOC, like Pete Buttigieg, is being accused of being a potential CIA plant. Phil goes into a bit about how the CIA is neither right nor left wing. As well as the chameleon that is AOC.

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royalty free vaporwave c/o
Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio
0:00 - Hackers
3:55 - Miami Sky
8:00 - End Credits
12:35 - Astral Projection

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TheDankLord No. 95296 2021-01-16 : 03:42

I came for the interesting info, I stayed for the aesthetic music.

Phil No. 95300 2021-01-19 : 12:04

glad you dug it TheDankLord white bat audio has some pretty sweet tracks especially considering they're copyright/royalty free. Specific track is linked above fyi

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