By: Philip | 01-20-2021 | PedoGate, Opinion, Studio
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#DeplatformPredators: Alleged Serial Groomer and Abuser Onision Demonetized

It's certainly been a long time in the works. And despite major upset gossip and drama YouTube channels who have been making money off the situation for a decade Chris Hansen and Discovery Channel managed to do what none of them could. Gregory James Jackson a.k.a.Onision has been demonetized by YouTube!

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C Sue No. 95364 2021-01-29 : 07:47

What about the he funds given to Harris to bail out Seattle and Portland protestors. That should make her impeachable
The same charges Trump is charged with. Harris said the Seattle and Portland protests must and should go on and will go on. She should be impeached for inviting the riots. In addition she raised money to get bail for arrested violent protests. She aided and abetted the enemies of the USA.
I want info and help to file these necessary lawsuits

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