By: Phil | 01-21-2021 | Science, Opinion, Studio
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Exactly How Useless (and dangerous) are the Covid-19 Vaccines?

We've seen an unprecedented push for vaccination in 2020. The rallying cry of all of the scientists and listen to the experts seems to be ignored by much of the media and those mimicking, however. Actual experts in medical journals are showing that not only is the vaccine not designed to prevent contraction or transmission of the virus but could result in serious side effects or even death especially amongst high risk populations.

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Anonymous No. 95369 2021-01-31 : 14:33

It honestly scares me

Anonymous No. 95370 2021-01-31 : 14:34

Did they prove that gene therapy to be safe fertility-wise?

Anonymous No. 95427 2021-02-22 : 20:40

I'm glad this website barely has any traction. The quality of the stories you cover are absolutely terrible.

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