By: Jim Watkins | 02-09-2021 | News

Using Freedom Against Our Nature

We are not at checkmate. This is not the end of our options for peaceful resolution. There remains plenty of opportunity because we keep our American ingenuity and spirit.

This is the beginning of our chance to find the way to a peaceful resolution. In the past, situations that we found ourselves in were resolved by armed conflict. Insurrection meeting counter insurrection while the population took cover. Peeking out of their bunkers at the horror that had overcome the country. Seeing the hovels their homes had become.

Is this our “When in the course of human events,” moment?

No, it is not. Forces pry their way into the commerce of America endeavoring to force confrontation. Plying the open paths and highways of our free country, using the freedom we are accustomed to against our nature. They are seeking confrontation. Which is coming sooner, rather than later, based on their unwillingness to compromise.
Embargo is an act of war. Cutting off the ability of a population to defend themselves. Removing their ability to feed themselves. Taking their opportunity to support themselves. Turning that population to a life of indentured servitude, reliant on the charity of the nobility to eat. Begging for an opportunity to raise themselves up past the hand to mouth level of survival that is the inevitable outcome.

Here we are, witnessing history as it unfolds. The future is full of options. The past is a library of experience, but we are in the present. This is our moment. Be calm in our present and use your most important God given tool which is your mind. Never hesitate to use your conscious conscience to find a solution to a problem. Identifying what trouble you face is the first step to finding your way in the present. There are many problems scattered in front of you, but you only need to clear the trouble that effects your present. Think about the many ways to find an appropriate solution. Look to the past for guidance. What was the result of this action in the past? You can see then that your actions in the present are likely to have the same, or similar result. Choosing the best possible future is always the best choice.

As we ride the wave of life, seeing the rocks lining the beach, and the soft sand between, the choice will become clear. Guide yourself to the soft sand. Dashing yourself on the rocks is a fast trip to becoming history. This will remove you from the moment. Stay focused on clearing your path. At times the right way may not be clear. You won’t be able to see the pathway. Knowing right from wrong, recognizing good from bad, and asking for spiritual guidance will keep you pointed in the right direction in the fog of busy modern life.

The embargo aimed at conservatives and their businesses is by-passable. With a little ingenuity, and effort Americans have the ability to take back their right to choose. Choosing where they shop and what merchant receives their business is necessary. Nothing could be further from reality in today’s domestic market.
Here we sit, Americans stuck in a predicament. The arrow of time will take us somewhere. Where might that be?

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Anonymous No. 95396 2021-02-15 : 17:08

Jim Watkins, STFU and go get breast reduction surgery... At the Qanon 'convention' in Arizona (17 people is NOT a 'convention') your saggy tits stretched your $6 t-shirt so badly, that it looked like you were hiding two small dogs under your shirt

Anonymous No. 95397 2021-02-15 : 17:12

lol @ Jim thinking anybody reads his effeminate garbage

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