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Of Course Men Will Push Back

What did they expect? Of course men will push back. All this chain yanking is turning folks into the opposite of what was intended. The LGTBQ forgot a couple letters. They forgot to add the “super straight” to their catchy acronym. Make it LGTBQ”SS” and it becomes all encompassing. It is now the full spectrum of humanity, from the most base and normal all the way to the craziest LGTBQ fanatic. Nobody left behind. Twirl the anal swab three times and get a good whiff. If you smell ass through your N95 mask, you should remember that hepatitis is deadly. Hepatitis spreads fast through fecal material. You need to add a protective echelon to your testing regime.

Who is super straight? Someone that refuses to date, marry or commit sodomy with a transsexual is super straight. Let’s use super straight in a real situation: I like Daniela, but she has a penis. The only penis I like is my own. I’m super straight and only date natural women.

The protective echelon will save us from undesirable characteristics. Those pushing a new normality are finding out that kicking a hornet’s nest to get honey will leave you stung. There won’t be any honey for all the trouble. Pain, misery and despair are the product of this unholy affair with nature.

It is natural and normal for a man to aggressively work his way to the top - the top of the hill, the highest rung on the ladder. The best positions in society are there for the alpha male to take. Those that force their sexuality on you are expressing their alpha tendencies sexually, which oftentimes leads to abuse and abusive environments. The super straight rebound is a result of this overt and aggressive sexual push.

The fact is, the vaccine doesn’t matter. It’s taking center stage to catch your attention. What matters is our southern border. It is being overrun with illegal aliens. Many of them unaccompanied children orphaned or separated from their families. This invasion is orchestrated. It is not an impromptu refugee or two - refugees running from a psychotic village warlord after deciding to resume Aztec blood sacrifices. Surely, Americans would let a refugee in that situation in with open arms. We are a hospitable people. Our Judaeo Christian morals and ethics have ingrained it in us. That is not the same thing as accepting an invading army of able bodied men with unknown criminal pasts. These men are not vetted by any sort of background check. They are dropped into our society with minimal knowledge of their background and this turns us into their prey.

The same cabal that organized this ship show, elevated Predator Joe to the Oval Office. You need to be angry and stay angry. Freedom slips away in front of you. Without your vigilance, we will loose it all. It is the duty of every generation to defend the liberty. Liberty is a right granted by God. It is not a privilege. In the course of human events, the obligation of men is clear. Since our nation's founding, Americans have defended liberty. This behavior is ingrained. We learn it from our Pledge of Allegiance. We read it in our declarations, prose and histories. Our expected behavior is outlined. We know what our tasks are. Our civic duties as American citizens are clearly described. These descriptions in writing penned by our founding fathers. With examples written in their precious blood throughout our history.

There will be other pandemics. Human events revolve around how we meet them. Pandemics temper the steel of men’s souls. Look to those that profited from our current pestilence. Whether it was man-made or not, advantage was taken. The opportunity for plunder was not missed. The misery of many ignored by simpering nobility. America is not a country of nobility. These elites have overstepped. There is a reality to it. It appears as an alternative universe, yet it is reality. These new nobility aren’t. They are merely recycling historical precedents and are engaging in organized criminal activity from the most local to the highest level.

Crime at this magnitude goes unpunished. We call it by more than one name, some connected in symbolism. Those seeing the opportunities opened in the new crime era of America are making their move. It is not a new normal. It is the dark heart of human greed. The criminal nature of our American elite are showing their actual feelings of entitlement. Your hard earned income is not theirs, though they feel certain by upbringing and training that it is. Certainly psychopathy runs amuck amongst the political elite. With all these sophisticated gangsters in positions of power. It is enough to cause us ordinary chumps to lose heart, but don’t! We have to keep focused on our duty as American citizens to oust these bums.

They our concentrating our free thoughts on our sexuality, something that Americans have kept typically private for most of our country’s history. They bring sex, gender, and the horrors of it to the forefront. The focus on many permutations of mental, surgical and and abusive underbelly involved is under a spotlight. This is pure misdirection. The abhorrence of it all pulls the chord, and rings the bell, forcing normal people to shift their conscious thoughts. It shifts from what is actually of historical importance to the personal choices in our beds. These choices of necessity need to be between God and our partners - mostly acts of hydraulic endeavors.

Keeping it personal and private is the correct behavior. Except for the perverted practice of child abuse, which must be dealt with by law enforcement, Our sexual life and lifestyles should be private. I don’t care with whomyou do those private things you do. Behind your bedroom door, you have a right to privacy. I am happy for you if you have someone to share private time with. Good luck. Making this political, when we already have our right to privacy guaranteed by the 14th Amendment of the United States, is the distraction. Don’t let them change your focus.

Remember, we are staying angry. We are keeping our scowls of displeasure active, and our focus on the most important of the many problems. Which is the loss of our American Liberty. God granted it to us and it has not disappeared. Liberty exists, hidden from us, by slight of hand. They are third rate magicians. We can see through the manufactured mist and see their real goals. This shell game played causes our eyes to lose focus on the real target. It does not confuse our brain to the point of knowing something is wrong. We know. We are disturbed and we know. There is an army of invading illegal aliens crossing our border. We know. We know our political nobility has surrounded themselves in a protective ‘green zone’ in our Nation’s capital. We know they intend to marginalize us. We can see it and feel it. Just because we don’t know which shell hides the bean, doesn’t mean we don’t know we are being cheated. We know.

We must keep focused on how to remove these tyrants from their positions of power. Our combined power and strength and force of will pointed at the target scares them. Expect them to double-down and restrict you and your communities further. We can distract them as well while we keep our attention on the House and the 2022 elections. That is our soonest opportunity to effect change. We can and should occupy our time with continuous demonstrations, peacefully letting the political oligarchy know we know, and forcing them to focus on immediate concerns.

While their brain power is overwhelmed, we can aggressively send candidates that have been vetted, not by the criminal elite, but by the People to our primaries. Locally, district to district and state to state we have the power. We have the ability. We have the obligation to ourselves, and our posterity to replace those bureaucrats with proper American patriots. Don’t lose your focus. You never know, your individual actions may help turn the tide. Every one of us together can hold the line are what is necessary to return our great Republic to its glorious position among the world’s nations.

Letting them take it away without a valiant effort is not only unlikely, it is unAmerican. Every little action helps. Do your best. Do your duty. Call out shenanigans and keep doing the right things. That’s what Americans have in the past. That is what I expect we will do as well. We are a big boat. It takes time and energy to change directions. The rudder has turned us to port. We will make it to safe harbor together. Be confident in that.

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