By: Major Burdock | 03-22-2021 | News
Photo credit: HBO

Brief Reaction to HBO's New Series on Q

Burdock gives a quick reaction to the first episode. More thoughts from Jim Watkins on "The Ship Show" airing at 6am PST on

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Pepesfangirl No. 95498 2021-04-01 : 03:45

I've been watching the Zoom calls on the Ship Show. More anons need to see these. The Wednesday one Ron said something critical. He was calculated in what he fed Cullen. Ron is incredibly intelligent. Anyone who missed who Ron and Jim are wasn't paying attention.
I see Jim as a very compassionate person with a strong love of freedom and the country. He did a great job raising Ron. Ron is brilliant mind and should be seen as such. Both are true Patriots.
The documentary seems to be more about the boards,which is odd to me as they pitched it to be about Q. Don't get me wrong I'd definitely watch it if it were just about the boards. I'm quite fascinated by what good occurs and with regards to research and free exchange of thoughts. The Q aspect is glossed over in my opinion. They missed the entire essence of what Q is by a lot.
They chose the worst examples of Q folks, my guess is they went for shock value. In my short time in this I've found some great decoders and commentary folks. My guess is the real valuable anons presenters didn't want to be exposed.
It was nice to get to know Ron and Jim. I appreciate the humor and knowledge.
Fred has a personality disorder and seeks profit over anything. He will destroy anything that comes in his path. My take is Jim was good to him and treated him like a son. Personality disordered folks are good at drawing in people with big hearts.
I'll be sharing links to the Ship Show as it clears up quite a bit.
People who follow Q don't all use the boards so they miss the humor. Life is short and can be tragic, find the humor in it. Jim gets this.
Loving the mixture of information and banter on the Ship show more than the HBO series.
I hope an anon makes a better documentary one day.

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