By: Phil | 03-26-2021 | Weird, Opinion, Studio
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Jensen Shrimpett & the Tail of the Milkshake Duck

Shrimp tails and cinnamon toast squares and milkshake ducks, oh my! What is all this? Well, if you haven't seen the viral tweet, the New York Times and other major media coverage yet washed up rapper and producer Jensen Karp has gone from viral fame to viral infamy overnight with his strange "tail" of shrimp bits showing up in his cereal.

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Anonymous No. 95475 2021-03-28 : 14:31

Philip Fairbanks, the effeminate GOSSIP COLUMNIST for The Goldwater

Anonymous No. 95488 2021-03-31 : 23:47

http s://

Jim won't stop 8kun users from posting CHILD PORN

I've reported it to the FBI Child Exploitation Unit

8kun has no direct link to report users uploading child pornography... I had to struggle to contact Ron about it, having to actually create GAB and TELEGRAM accounts, and even then, there is no response from Ron after I notified him of the problem...

I sincerely hope Jim Watkins loses this website, the same way he loses everything else

By creating a website where users freely upload child pornography, and there's no way to directly contact the admin, Jim Watkins is knowingly participating in the crime...

It's a federal offense

Anonymous No. 95519 2021-04-10 : 09:08

>>94588 stop making shit up Johnny. Of course there's a report button. Also that link you posted goes nowhere, doesn't even exist and if there was cp and you reported it to the FBI don't you think something would have been done about it? And if you were to post part of your collection of underage girls you got hooked on meth and raped trust me, it will be reported and you will pay for it.

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